638 Dead Due To Coronavirus In China, 31 Thousands infected

There is a fierce outbreak of coronavirus in China, where about 638 people have died due to the virus and 31 thousand are infected.

Coronavirus outbreaks in China continue to grow. China’s health officials said on Friday that the number of deaths in China’s coronavirus epidemic risen up to 638, with more than 31,000 cases reported in China so far. The news agency has provided this information. Earlier on Thursday, 73 people died in a day.

The United States has sent two more aircraft to Wuhan, China to save its people from the ongoing China outbreak of Coronavirus. America is constantly trying to evacuate its people from Wuhan.

According to health officials, 3,694 new cases were confirmed across China on Wednesday. Of these, 2987 cases were reported in the Hubei province of central China alone. 70 out of 73 deaths also occurred in this province. The virus has spread to 31 countries of the world, including China, from Wuhan, the capital of Hubei. To prevent the spread of the virus, more than two dozen foreign airlines have stopped or limited their flights to China. Many countries have also sealed their borders with China.

19 foreigners also suffer in China

China’s foreign ministry said that 19 foreign nationals living in the country have also been hit by the coronavirus. The ministry, however, did not provide any information about the citizenship of the victims. Earlier there were reports of four Pakistani and two Australian nationals being infected in China.

Experts will gather in Geneva

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that hundreds of experts will gather in Geneva on 11 and 12 February to prevent the virus. During this two-day conference, there will be a discussion on accelerating the development of medicines and vaccines. A team of experts from several countries led by WHO will also visit China.

Test negative for all Indians brought from Wuhan

The Union Ministry of Health has reported that no Indian citizen brought by two planes from Wuhan has been found to be suffering from the coronavirus. All of them have been tested negative. They were kept in separate chambers set up by the army and ITBP located around Delhi. It is known that three patients suffering from the Coronavirus have been found so far in India. All three are from Kerala and are studying medical at Wuhan University. He himself returned home and also reached the hospital.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ravish Kumar general and e-visas of Chinese travelers no longer valid.

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