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techymob.com is a website which provides you a detailed information for every current topic which is prevalent in the contemporary world.  It focuses its aim primarily to provide relevant and informative articles that suits the needs of the audience. The different areas of interest are divided in distinguished column to provide you hassle free experience while searching topics of your relevance on our website. This website has a motive to create distilled platform for knowledge enthusiasts. On our website you can freely browse about gadgets, app reviews, comparison of electronics, news trending games,sarkari yojana, current affairs, entertainment and world cup.

Gaining knowledge and updates is not a tougher task these days but getting all the updates of the world     which is systemically arranged to make listing of events easier in your mind is something that you will not find easily. For this you have to search many apps and websites which can serve your purpose better. Here, on this website you will find that all your aspirations are fulfilled which saves your times and the hard work you used to put earlier while picking the topics of your in interest from the web  which had intermixed news stories .



In this column you can easily find the latest news and rumors about all trending gadgets. Latest rumors and news are updated on this column on a daily basis. The experts who are liable for maintaining the content of this website keep their eyes on every new technology that is out on the market. They also analyze the budding technologies which is a boon over other rotten and older technologies.

App Review

Our tech experts pick up comparable apps and list its pros and cons in a best way that can be easily accessed by the targeted audiences. The content of our website targets the different categories of techno lovers who want to access every new technology efficiently. The experts here who counts the   pros and cons, also list the efficiency of the device with equitable price range. The articles which we upload in this section consists remote knowledge which is based on the news of the day while comparing the currently launched technology with the technologies which are already prevalent on the ground. The reviews enumerates the beneficial apps for you on the top and as you scroll down on the bar, you will find other reviews if you want to access previously launched app which suits best of your interest.


In a machine world, everyone wants to access best technology gadgets. The column we have provided here compares the devices to assist buyer in finding a solution to complex confusion on which they fall and we help them to overcome from the web of gadgets.

It is a beneficial tool for comparing smartphones, tables, laptops, TVs, cameras and earphones. The comparison between products is designed in such a way that anyone can find the comparison of their favorite feature at a glance. The comparison table enlists the same features of similar devices in an adjacent bar to eliminate any confusion while comparing equitable products.


If you are a gamer then bookmark our website. We have got a team of expert gamers who works hard to keep the website up-to date. In this column, you will get to know various hacks to boost your game life and energy. In this section, along with getting the hacks you will be provided a direct link to download the app.

Sarkari Yojna

Techymob.com updates all sarkari Yojanas and scheme timely. The column in the website aims to target the potential beneficiaries of the scheme by spreading the news in the nooks of this country. We upload news stories based on all the contemporary government schemes and plans which is prevalent in the country.

Current Affairs

All the affairs whether it is national or international can be found on our website.  We keep our website updated with the current affairs. We are also planning to add editorials on this column soon. This section of website is designed to fill the appetite of discoverers who want to know everything that is going on the world. The activities which are going on one part of the world will ultimately affect the other. So it’s always a good idea to keep you up to date with us.


We acknowledge the need of entertainment for a physical body. We know that entertainment is not only a desire but a basic need of every human being or even the animals. Today we have many options available for our entertainment. But while running in the long run, we often use to avoid this basic need of a human mind and as a result, this avoidance affects our mental health.

Here, we have taken the responsibility to entertain our users while they are endeavoring hard towards their goals. We upload movie reviews, and upcoming movie details on our website to balance the fun of life.

World Cup           

We made a different section on world cup for a reason. The world cup tournament of different sports   is always a hot topic of discussion among the youngsters.

The younger generation is never inclined much in any other field as it is in sports. Sports are not good only for your health but it also teaches you discipline and consistent hard work.  Thatswhy you can often find the bookworms indulged in some kind of sports.

In world cup, countries of different landscapes meet and face each other.  On the game field, the financial status of countries doesn’t matter.  The thing which matters most is the capability of playing your game better. The true spirit and hardwork putted on to a game by people associated with world cup directly or in directly mesmerize the audience. People want to know every minute detail associated with the game play and our website provides the solution for this curiosity of the audience.


TechyMob is a website that keeps you track of all the latest development about technology, mobile phones, provides reviews of important apps and games. The site also takes a closer look at the latest updates about Current Affairs, Entertainment, Govt. run schemes and much more. Everyone deserves a unique website where they can sort all their problems. We here at Techymob believe in delivering the best content via Innovation and Simplicity. We don’t compromise with your needs and want. Our goal is present the best information possible and help you along your journey.