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Adguard Premium MOD APK is the fastest way to browse the web and play games on your phone.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. Introduce about Adguard Premium
  3. Features of Adguard Premium
    1. Block ads on the web
    2. Set up your whitelist
    3. Manage filter list
    4. Apps management
    5. Privacy protection
    6. Parental control
    7. Easy to use
    8. Data saving
  4. Information about the MOD version
    1. Features of the MOD version
    2. How to install
  5. FAQs
  6. Download Adguard Premium MOD APK for Android

Overview information

NameAdguard Premium
Version3.5.33 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
RequiresAndroid 3.3

Introduction about Adguard Premium

Edgard Premium is a popular ad-blocking software released by ADGUARD Software, specializing in providing and developing security software for Windows and smartphones. With advanced features, this application helps you block many types of advertisements while using the phone without rooting your device. With just a few basic steps, you can download, install and protect your phone from the annoyance of advertising. At the same time, the application helps your phone become more secure, increasing security.

Nowadays we often spend a lot of time on smartphones. The convenience and entertainment it provides cannot be denied, but it has two aspects. Some websites use pop-up ads, this opens more browser windows and makes you feel uncomfortable. In addition, some websites have the ability to steal information and install malicious code on your phone. Or sometimes, advertisements drive you crazy while playing a game or using a photography app. What is the solution? Use Adguard Premium, the best ad-blocking software for Android.

Adguard Premium Features

Block ads on the web

This is the main reason that Adguard Premium has gained the trust of millions of users around the world. This application works well on most Android devices. The process of blocking ads occurs naturally, it does not consume your resources too much and does not affect performance. Thanks to this, you can play games and surf the web comfortably without worrying about RAM and memory.

Currently, there is considerable anti-virus and ad blocking software in the market. However, it requires that your device is rooted. Rooting your device can keep your phone tracked, installed malicious, and insecure. But with Adguard Premium, you can use it easily and easily without rooting the device.

Set your whitelist

If you want the application to not work on some favorite websites? Very easy. You only need to whitelist those sites, the application will unblock ads from these sites.

Manage filter list

You can manage the list of websites protected by Adguard and customize some advanced options.

Application Management

Adguard Premium helps you manage the operation of the application on your phone. The application displays some information such as traffic, a number of filtered advertisements, the amount of data saved.

Privacy Protection

Some software can run in the background and monitor all your activities. This app can detect suspicious activity and remove it from your device. As a result, your device becomes more secure. No more worrying about data theft or loss.

When you visit certain foreign websites, Adguard may block third-party cookies, hiding your IP address. You can change your profile and browse the web anonymously.

Currently, there are many websites that want to collect user data. With special modules, Adguard is able to prevent any suspicious activity and protect your data.

Parental control

Want to protect your children from adult content sites? The guard can help you. The application will prevent access to inappropriate web sites, search results with pornographic content. In addition, parents can customize the blacklist to help their children obtain healthy content while using the phone.

Easy to use

Simple, small size, and easy to use. This is what I can say about Adguard. Its size is just 13M, you can install and use it easily. Its interface is very simple and elegant. The features are clearly designed, making it easy to manipulate and personalize the application’s settings.

Saving data

With excellent ad removal capabilities, this application helps you save data while browsing the web.

Information about the MOD version

MOD version features

  • Unlock Premium Features.
  • Skip the tutorial at startup.

How to install

You will have to download and install our Adguard Premium MOD APK as usual. If you have questions about how to install this application, leave a comment below the article. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

Download Adguard Premium MOD APK for Android

Adguard Premium is a great friend on your phone, which helps protect you from advertisements and malicious code while browsing the web. We offer you the Adguard Premium MOD version with many advanced features at the link below. You can download our APK file and use it for free.

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