Amazon Echo Earbuds

Amazon Echo Earbuds

Amazon Echo Ear buds

A Sensation of The Headphone Market.

Amazon just came up with an incursion in the headphone market with their echo buds. The ear buds launched by Amazon is truly wireless and it is compatible with Alexa too. It came with Bose technology for in–built noise reduction. The ear buds are going to be launched on 30th of October in 2019 and it price starts from 129$.

The ear buds is a competitor to Amazon’s Air pods which has been launched by Amazon previously. The echo buds will work like any other Alexa device. You only have to wake it up like any other Alexa compatible device by “Alexa” wake word. After waking it up, you will be able to ask any question as like a regular Echo device. The big game changing feature is that it works outside your home too using your phone’s hotspot.

the Amazon’s ear buds has came up with new features that can be summed up  as an extension of navigation feature that is in-built feature of many Smartphone. You will be able to ask to the device if the particular dish is available in the restaurant in which you are dinning. Even you can find out which compartment of the restaurant has that specific item by using this feature. The feature shows off the scope that Amazon eventually hopes to put in Alexa everywhere.

When we talk about the designing of this wireless device, it has three microphones for Alexa, and for sound it has two balanced Armature drivers. It is equipped with sensors that automatically stop the playback when you take them out.

It has some modern features, introduced in the new model of ear buds. It is equipped with tap gestures. You need to double tap to toggle the Bose noise reduction. It helps you to ear the outside world. For accessing your phone’s regular voice assistant like Siri or Google Assistant, you just have to tap and hold for two seconds. The ear buds have the protection against sweat, splashes or light rain and it has IPX4 rating. The new headphone promises you to have a battery life of up to five hours from a single charge. When the power of echo buds exhaust, it can be recharged again with their case.  The case is like the size of altoids tin and has a battery life of up to 15 hours. The battery is similar to the air pods.

The rumors are coming that its performance is little less than Apple’s version of headphone which costs up to 160$.

It noise cancellation feature is very amazing. It is better than air pods in two ways. First is its software and the second is its fit and feel in the ear. The noise reduction theme is built by Bose and by double tapping on the side of buds, it can turned on and off.

The second reason which makes it better than Air Pods have a great significance and this feature is very much bothered by users while buying a headphone. The echo buds has three grippy ear tip sizes that seals out external sound better than one-size-fits all hard plastics of Air pods. The rumors are that the buds are designed to stay in place even during a workout.

The Amazon’s echo buds are portable with Android, IOS and laptops. A back button on the backside of ear buds is assigned to On and Off its pairing availability.

Setting up an Echo buds is fairly not a headache like the other echo devices. After you open the echo bud case, a notification will pop up on your phone in the Alexa app. A different section will be created in the app for your buds which can be handled according to your mood and needs.

The new echo ear buds can be pre-ordered now from Amazon’s app.

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