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Although the hack MOD version among us is known as a cheat route to success in any game, however, it is liable when it comes to most of India or the United States. Comes in one of the more downloaded games. States of America The game is known for its exciting and unpredictable plot. Players are allowed to teamwork while the revenge aspect is also used in the game. The game has gained a lot of popularity during the Kovid 19 epidemic as almost every existing country in the world has suffered a long and tiring lockdown. Indians and Americans have the upper hand because most of the players in this game are from these two countries.

Details of Among Us Mod/Hack APK/iOS :

Apk name Among Us Mod Menu APK/iOS
Apk Version 2020.9.9
Apk Size 70 MB
Last Update 10 September 2020
Price Free
Android Support Yes
iOS Support Yes

New Features: Mod Menu APK Among US

After realizing its growing fame, the developers thought of adding some new fun features and making this game more challenging together. These new features included include some really interesting factors:

    • As far as online games are concerned, the main obstacle is advertisements that pop up in the middle. Thanks to the developers that these ads will no longer bounce back.
    • Functions by the impersonator may be changed by fellow crew members.
    • Previously chats were only visible to players when enabled, but now the chat section is always open.
    • The limit of messages is infinite and players are allowed to send more and more messages.
    • The speed of the task can be increased by the players provided with the tasks according to their flexibility, leaving a signal behind others.
    • Among us, the mod offers all skins, hats, and pets open for players to use.

• Shadows and dungeons visible to other players can now be removed. • The player is yet to stand in the waiting room.

Highlighted Features of As Mode Mod Menu APK / iOS Hack:

  1. Auto Imposter Hack
    Auto Imposter Hack means that if you activate this hack from the menu AMONG US you will always have one in the game Become an importer and have fun with your friends.
  2. Wall Hack
    You can walk through the wall There is no need to find a secret way to kill or take enemies, you can walk from wherever you want.
  3. Speed / Fly Hack
    Speed Hack / Fly Hack means that you will be able to move faster than your friend’s walking speed. You can activate this hack by hacking it from Among us mod menu
  4. No Kill Colddown Feature
    Using this Mode Among Us APK / iOS allows you to get zero to kill cooldown time, which means Is that you can make double or triple kills all by yourself. This is the best feature that you get between this Among Us Mode Menu Hack APK / iOS.
  5. View Ghosts and Chat Feature.
    Using this feature, you can see ghosts and chat, which will immediately tell you who the importer is. If you are a crewmate, this is a big deal and you will become the star of the crew and thus the hero in front of your crew.
  6. Between Us Wall Hack Feature Apk APK
    Using this hack allows you to see through walls and obstacles, and thus it is a convenient hack. When used with the furthest player kills hack and 2D radar hack, it is the most advantageous hack in this game. This will help you kill the farthest player by using 2D radar and detecting how to avoid walls and other obstacles.
  7. Hack among us Instakill MOD, crew members have no time to react to this.
  8. Among Us Light Hack Hack MOD APK
    This hack enables you to see that the lights are out and in many ways give you an upper hand in locating other players. Helps you. Sports, be it, crew members or imposters.
  9. Unlimited Skins, Hats, and Pets
    Among us, Mode Menu Hack APK / iOS also gives you unlimited skins, hats, and pets so that You can create a small demonstration for your employees.
  10. Mod menu unlocked:
    The mod menu is unlocked in the mod menu between us where players will have a mod menu that contains various hacks By enabling the user who can prank and have fun with their friends.
  11. Always Win Mode:
    The best mode is always won i.e. either you become an imposter or cremated but if you activate it you will always win, No matter whoever votes for you or whatever, but you will always win by using this mode by installing Mod Menu APK

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