Android 9 pie   

Android 9 pie   

Android 9 pie was released on 25th July, 2018. It is a successor of Android 8.0 Oreo mobile operating system. It is used as an operating system in Smartphone, tablets and televisions.

By Madhu | Updated : (Apr 19, 2021)

In a Smartphone its work is to handle all the apps and other pre-installed functions. It brings a number of visual changes that made it most applauded update to android in a few years. The most significant change that it made us to notice at first sight was that it replaced the three button setup with a single button setup for multitasking. It also made changes in the notification panel.  Its changes the way the notifications were showing in the previous versions. a special feature “digital wellbeing” helps you to analyze your addiction to your Smartphone and it will alarm you  whenever you are using your phone in excess. It will keep records of the most frequently used Smartphone apps and other related tracks. The features are added to curb the Smartphone addiction and manage their digital lives in a more organized way.

The other feature which is included in the Smartphone through android 9.0 pie includes adaptive battery and brightness, new gesture navigation, the app actions, new accessibility menu, new screenshot shortcut, enhanced security features and the slices.

Digital Wellbeing

The android 9 pie harness the power of artificial intelligence in new altitudes in assisting you better while using upgraded technology.

The android 9.0 is designed to trace the patterns of your usage to serve your interest accordingly. By reading your interest and knowledge it will make your Smartphone usage smoother and durable.

Adaptive Battery 

The android version observes how you use your phone and systemize the settings accordingly to save your battery life. It optimizes the system to stop draining the battery from those apps which is not in much use.

Adaptive Brightness

it don’t have to worry about the brightness in your phone, this new version of android will automatically sense the  light and optimize itself according to a brightness needed by a human eye in a given intensity of light.

The apps action is a special feature which is added in the android version. This help sense your mood by your recent activities on the phone and will provide you suited results to make your usage of Smartphone hassle free.

The Slices

This feature brings the favorite part of your apps to the surface to reduce the time and your mind in searching those things which can be found just in a seconds with this new version of phone.

Get What You Want Without Much Effort

Here, you are provided a feature of switching between the apps. Here you can get what you want more naturally by gesturing in your phone without taking a stress typing bogus words.

Set Limits                          

You can set daily time limits for every app in your phone by some simple touch. The feature will alarm you whenever you go over the pre-set limits.

Control the Handset for Bigger Goals                                                                                         

You can set daily schedule in do not disturb icon when you want a peaceful alone time. You can silence up the vague notifications which pop up usually and disturbs you whole you are studying something or taking a nap.

Multi-camera support                                                                              

The developers are now free to add two or more physical cameras which add moons in the image quality. For example they can include more cameras for depth, bokeh, stereo version and more. The external USB/ USV camera support is also enabled by the android version in some devices.

Accessibility Menu

With the new features installed I the accessibility menu, taking screenshots and navigating with one hand are now made possible for motor impaired users.

Select to speak-OCR in camera view

Select the text while using the camera, the special feature in this android will highlight the text and it will be read aloud. Moreover, you can select any text on the screen and it will be read aloud by the system of Smartphone.

Multiple user enabled device 

With this android version, multiple people can use a single phone without interfering in other’s personal space.

Multiple Bluetooth connections

With this new feature you can connect up to five Bluetooth devices at a time and switch between these accordingly

The android version offers you sound delay reporting, volume memory per Bluetooth device and supports HIEF photos.

With the advent of this new android version in Smartphone market, the operating system sets a ground for new innovations and multitasking abilities which was lacking in previous version.