Android – Major Operating System For Smartphone

Android: A Major Operating System for Smartphone and Tablets

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An Acquaintance to Its Evolution and Other Customary information.

Android is developed by Google. It is a mobile operating system. It is designed primarily for touch screen mobile devices like smartphones and tablets; it is a modified version of Linux kernel and other open-source software. Google has also launched android TV or televisions, Android Auto for cars, and Wear OS for wearable, Android Auto for cars, each with a specialized user interface. Variants of Android are also used on digital cameras, game consoles, PCs, and other electronics.


Initially, Android was developed by android inc. but later bought by Google. The first Android device was launched on September 3, 2018. The core Android source code is known as an android open source project (AOSP), licensed under APACHE license. Android is associated with Google proprietary software known as Google mobile services. That frequently comes pre-installed on devices. The software includes core apps such as Gmail, the play store, and Google Chrome browser and Google search app. the following apps are licensed by manufacturers of an android device that is certified under standards imposed by Google.

It was developed by Android Inc  and Google bought in it 2005. Android is the best selling OS   on smartphones across the globe since 2011 and on tablets since 2013.

Historical Journey            

Android was founded in October 2003 in Palo Alto, California by Andy Rubin, rich minor, Nick Sears, and Chris White. The early intentions of the organization were to develop an advanced operating system for digital camera and thus this became the basis of its pitch to investors in April 2004. Then the company realized that the camera was not large enough to target its aims. So after five months, it diverted its area of work towards pitching Android as a handset operating system that will compete against Symbian and Microsoft windows mobile.

In 2005, in the month of July, Google bought Android Inc. for $50 million at least. Google then advertised the software in the mobile market promising then to provide a fast, flexible, and upgraded mobile operating system.


In 2008. the android has gone through many updates that incrementally amplified the operating system. Fixings bug adding new features. The subsequent releases were named in alphabetical order as cupcake, donut, éclair, and froyo. Each Android version has been named after a desert as explained by Google that an android device makes our life sweeter so it’s every version is named after a sweet dish.

In June 2014, Google declared its ANDROID ONE, which was a set of hardware reference models that will enable the mobile makers to manufacture high-quality phones at lower costs. In September, Google declared its first release of android one phone in India.

On august was declared that android “Q” would be officially known as android 10, breaking the historic practice of naming the Android version on the name of desserts. It is released on 3rd September 2019 on Google pixel phone first.


The default user interface of Android works on direct manipulation using touch inputs that are loosely associated with the worldly actions, like tapping, pinching, swiping, and reverse pinching to manipulate on-screen objects along with a virtual keyboard.

Applications that amplify the functionality of devices are written using the Android development kit (SDK) and java programming language. Google supported Android app development in the kotlin programming language in May 2017.

third party applications are growing its reach in the android devices, which can be downloaded and installed in the application’s APK( Android application package)file or can be downloaded using an application store program that allows users to install, update, and remove the application  from their devices.

Security and Privacy

In September 2013, it was revealed that the British and American intelligence agencies, government communication Headquarters (GCHQ), and national security agency, have the access to user’s data on iPhone, blackberry, and android devices. they were alleged to read all consumer’s personal information and transmit them across the internet by social networks and other applications such as angry birds, As they use the consumer data for advertising and other commercial benefits.

The androids smart handsets have the ability to restore the location of Wi-Fi access points, identifying the phone user’s move, to form the database having the physical locations of hundreds of millions of such access points. The database helps in processing the knowledge which leads to forming electronic maps top locate the Smartphone of millions of such users. This data helps in locating the smart devices enabling them to run apps like foursquare, Google Latitude, Facebook place, etc.