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Download and install Angry Birds Evolution MOD APK (High Damage) on, your power will increase to defeat green pigs easily.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. Introduce about Angry Birds Evolution
    1. Gameplay
    2. New modes
    3. A lot of new birds
    4. Guild
  3. MOD APK version of Angry Birds Evolution 2020
    1. MOD feature
    2. How to install Angry Birds Evolution MOD APK
  4. Download Angry Birds Evolution MOD APK (High Damage)

Overview information

Name Angry Birds Evolution
Package com.rovio.tnt
Publisher Rovio
Category RPG
Version 2.9.2 (Latest)
Size 391M
MOD Features High Damage
Requires Android 5.0

Introduction to Angry Birds Evolution

The launch of the latest version of

2020 – Angry Birds Evolution has excited the fan community of this series of games more than ever. Publisher Rovio has made a series of improvements, providing more interactive effects with objects in a 3D environment to help you deliver a whole new experience.


If you are familiar with the 2D version of Angry Birds games like Angry Birds 2, Angry Birds Dream Blast, now players will enjoy Angry Birds Evolution on the 3D graphics platform.

The classic gameplay remains the same. The blue pigs have stolen the eggs of poor Angry Birds, your main task is to kill the birds to kill the evil pigs.

The battle takes place in a 3D graphics environment, you can interact with objects. Set up your army of strong bird warriors, train them to become professionals, and put them into battle to defeat ugly pigs.

Angry Birds Evolution 2020 is a turn-based RPG, you can choose battle order or use the automatic feature. If you use all the twists, even if you don’t beat all the blue pigs, then you have to fail. However, you can use gems to replenish lost HP and continue the fight.


Angry Birds Evolution 2020 has two main modes for players to choose from.

Take part in a single-player campaign to challenge yourself in difficult campaigns. Stop the evil pigs who steal the eggs of the Angry Birds. The model also provides several areas with different types of terrains and difficulty levels. A Look at Angry Birds. Some birds have increased x2 power in their favorite areas. After knowing the power of each bird based on their color, you can make some strategies that suit different areas.

The match will be more interesting when you compete with online players in PvP mode. The achievements of all global players are updated in detail in the weekly rankings. Those at the top, the best players after each season will have a lot of bonuses.

In addition to the available modes and battles, Angry Birds Evolution also has weekly events. You get a lot of interesting gifts from these events. For example, in an event for which you encounter over 90 different blue pig species, each pig you defeat will drop a lot of gold and points of experience. Or the hatching event, where you get the opportunity to own rare Angry Birds.

Lots of new birds

Compared to other Angry Birds games, Rovio offers over 100 completely new types of birds. A truly impressive figure. He has new looks, skills, and influences. Some species also have the ability to change or use special skills.

The hatching feature is also quite interesting. The color of the birds is strongly influenced by the type of material. For example, if you collect material in the desert, you are more likely to hunt yellow-winged birds.

In addition, players can also “hunt” rare bird warriors in Bird Town. In this way, players will have the opportunity to get the bird from the original series.


When you reach a certain level, you will be able to open a Guild Mode along with many other perks.

You can also create your own guild, recruit more exclusive members to help your guild become stronger and famous. If possible, join other guilds to learn and exchange. Unlocking this mode gives you a lot of privileges such as increased rewards after defeating blue pigs, increasing HP, gaining more loot after winning in PvP mode.

MOD APK version of Angry Birds Evolution 2020

MOD feature

High Damage: To win the fastest, your birds need to deal significant damage to eliminate the opponent. With the MOD version given by us, it will help make your warriors stronger than ever!

How to Install Angry Birds Evolution MOD APK

    1. If you have installed Angry Birds Evolution from Google Play, please remove it before installing the MOD version.

Download APK and OBB files of Angry Birds Evolution MOD APK in

  1. Open the file “”.
  2. Copy the folder “com.rovio.tnt” to the “Android / obb” folder.
  3. Install the APK file normally.
Download Angry Birds Evolution MOD APK

With sharp 3D graphics and funny characters, this game will bring lots of exciting moments for players. Angry Birds Evolution brings great experience that way. And if you are a fan of these birds, do not miss the journey to get back the stolen eggs.

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