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Assassin Identity MOD APK. Now, you can easily kill them, search for other assassins, and specifically steal the assassin’s chest.

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  2. Introduce about Assassin’s Creed Identity
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    2. Characters
    3. Graphics
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Overview information

Name Assassin’s Creed Identity
Package com.ubisoft.assassinscreed.identity
Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Category Action
Version 2.8.3_007 (Latest)
Size 69M
MOD Features Easy Game
Requires Android 4.1

Introduction about Assassin’s Creed Identity

Before Hung P Shark Evolution, Hungry Shark World and the Assassin’s Breed Rebellion series became popular, Assassin’s Creed identity gave Ubisoft great prestige. As you can see, despite being a paid game, millions of games have been sold (for Android only). A very impressive number, right? In this article, we will get some interesting information about this game.


The first part of the killer’s identity takes place in A Murder of Crows in the Italian capital, Rome. Here, you will look for the person who steals the mysterious chest, which they lose during transport to the murdered Papal Forces. This is a really difficult task, but developing your character, through meetings and chatting with other NPCs will help you.

The activities in this game are quite interesting, sometimes you need to search for items or loot them off guard. Sometimes, you move objects to different places. It brings exciting rewards, the content in the script will be gradually discovered for you. Italy is a small part of the story that took place during the Renaissance. Forelli and Montreal will be introduced soon as you pass special stages.

For control, Assassin’s Creed Identity has a design similar to the original Assassin game. You use the D-pad to navigate the character. He can jump over obstacles, even climb walls. The action buttons are located on the right screen, they can be used individually to perform a skill or combination to create a special combo.

Even though the assassin is strong, sometimes direct fighting is not necessary. You can secretly approach the guard. Then, when the distance gets close enough, the Hidden Blade icon will appear to make you commit a kill. If you want to fight face to face, that’s fine. However, when the enemy detects your presence, it will signal the other comrades to call for help. You know, a murderer should know how to kill in the dark.


The game has four assassin classes, including Berserker, Shadowblade, Trickster, and Thief. Each class has a different direction of development, plus they have special fighting abilities and different looks.

If you choose Berserker, you can stun opponents and attack multiple targets at the same time. I really like this class of murderers as they have the most damage in 4 sections of the game. They use bombs as weapons and it will kill the opponent. The trickster is different. They have the ability to confuse and confuse or identify enemies. The weapon the trickster uses is also a bomb, but has a timer. You can trap the enemy and make it impossible for them to know who kills their guard.

The thief is a special class. This is not available when you first join the game. When you have the ability and bonus, you can unlock it in the Veer Shop.


Assassin’s Creed Identity is truly excellent 3D graphics. Through context, the developer has recreated the ancient features of the Italian Renaissance. Buildings, arenas, human costumes and tall buildings of culture are seen as real.

More than that, dialogue is clearly shown in this game. When your character collides with someone, they may fall, even get angry and complain about the negligence you have committed. Sound effects are collected from reality, the sound of weapons touching each other, the agony of the guards when the killers kill them. You’ll soon be immersed in this graphics background, drowned in this game and don’t want to go out.

MOD APK Version of Assassin’s Creed Identity

MOD Features

Easy Game : Bots in this game will not attack you first. Thanks to this, you can prepare more carefully before actually entering the fight. Also, for this MOD feature, you can see the game’s script more in depth and faster. The difficulty is constantly increasing, but maybe the mod apk version we provide will help you breathe easier when facing enemies in the game.


An exciting role playing game is not too difficult to find. But a game carefully constructed like Assassin’s Creed Identity is not easy. Millions of people have set up the game and embarked on a journey to discover the Renaissance, are you ready to experience it? Download and start now!

Download Assassin’s Creed Identity Mod for Android (latest version)

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