Asus ROG Phone 2 Review with Pros and Cons

Asus Rog Phone 2 Display Picture

By Mehdi | Updated : (Nov 27, 2020)

Hi there, In this Article let’s do the full review for this asus rog phone – and the specificaitions on this. The phone is actually incredible this is one of the most powerful Android phone as of now. It’s big phone it’s sort of a gaming phone but in this article I’m gonna tell my usage as a normal user I did some gaming. I’ll talk about that but I used it I’m a normal business user so I use of phones normally so let’s have a look
at that but before I divided between the frozen concept made a huge list as you can see and I have used this for almost 12 days. Now So I divided the Review between Pros and Cons but before that here are the quick specifications for this asus rog phone. As I can see it’s having a massive six point fine a nine inch AMOLED screen it’s protected by Gorilla Glass it has dual front firing speaker part by the new Snapdragon 855 plus. It comes in eight or twelve GigaBytes of RAM and other specs are in the picture you can see for your reference so let’s quickly jump between the pros and cons.

First let’s talk about the pros and then we’ll move to the cons

As you can see this is the device itself and it’s a big device it’s having a six point fine 9 inches screen so almost six point six inch screen and the screen quality is actually really good it’s an AMOLED screen that you are getting full HD plus screen but the thing is that this is no ordinary screen but this is actually in normal phones actually you have 60 Hertz display that means the display gets refreshed 60 times that’s
done in almost every Android phone except the what do you say one plus 17 and the one plus seven pro that had what do you say or ninety Hertz but this one.

If you go to display you can set the refresh rate 220 Hertz and I did all my distinct while keeping your hand 20 and you can even go to the normal 60 and 90 so what does this mean that means that whenever you do any fast crawling or anything it is actually very smooth on the phone so everything feels very very fluid it’s very difficult to show it on the what do you say like this because my camera cannot capture at 120.  But, again it’s very very smooth so that’s a smooth. Explain another thing is that that touch sensitivity is among the best on this phone it is having a 240 Hertz touch response again that’s the highest in the industry so again the touch response is very very what’d he say fast. On this for one of the fastest that I’ve seen so in terms of screen quality I don’t have a problem even the colors I was surprised that because it’s sort of a gaming centric phone.

The colors will be weird oversaturated but that’s not the case the colors actually look
natural on this phone so that’s actually a nice thing and you do have somesettings maybe you can play around with the colors but personally I didn’t have to do that also I like the fact that yes.

It’s a powerful phone it has all the sensors we have the auto brightness sensor and it is calibrated very well I didn’t have to manually tinker around with the same now I’m moving to another small thing is that how’s the vibration feedback on a phone on flagship phones like Iphone or even pixel 3xl the thing that if you have used it any time differentiates this the vibration motors are very very good in fact the vibration motor on this one is also excellent. One of the best that I’ve seen on an Android phone I think so they have put dedicated motors here and here for the vibration
hence while you tie in etc… I

t gives you very nice feedback so again excellent job that a Suzanne’s done also if you notice here on the left hand right we have actually dedicated front firing speakers and I given this also it’s among the loudest that I have seen on an Android phone for example let’s just play playback this video(Link Given At The End Of This Article) this was the gaming that I did on this phone and let me give you an idea all right kept to the gaming area I’m just going to keep the volume at half even a half volume it is very loud and to give you an idea I’m gonna increase the volume of this and as you can see it’s very loud in fact it has a lot of depth.
So I would say in terms of speaker let me just get out it is one of the loudest that I have heard and it is actually also has some depth even even want louder you can go
to this outdoor mode and you get that and guys.

More than about seventy five percent who gets really really loud also I like the fact that it still retains a 3.5 mm headphone jack and again the audio output was very good and once you plug in a headphone you also get DDS options and there you can set the sound
signature like even so the soundstage wide. What you want you can change from rock etc… But even in the normal mode without tinkering with that the output was very
good. They were actually good so don’t have to worry about 3.5 mm headphone jack and I
like the fact that didn’t omit it like all other manufacturers are doing on their flagship phones.


Now talking about the performance again here also the performance is stopped not it is coming with the fastest Qualcomm processor you can get as of now the snapdragon 855 plus and the rhythm that I having that 8 GigaBytes of RAM and 128 GigaBytes of storage and in terms of performance I did not have any issues with this device very fluid device and
again it handles everything even thoughthis is the lower-end variant.

It has 8 GigaBytes of RAM. In terms of performance I never had a problem and DRAM management is surprisingly good on this device. so again in that area you don’t have to worry now moving to UI. Android that you have and right now it’s running
on Android what do you say nine but a so is going to put out Android 10 on this device as you can see it’s running on a Android 9 that’s Android Pie but Android 10 is supposed to come out on this one and the secondary is patch on 5th August I asked Asus team about security update they said that this device will get Android updates security update for 17 months. So again in general performance also you don’t have a problem very fluid device as expected Snapdragon 855 plus no issues in terms of performance.

Now Let’s also talk about how’s the cellular Connectivity

I tested this one here in Delhi with Intel and Geo and one day I had to travel to Hyderabad for some work and again in terms of networks I’d say connectivity I did not have a problem in fact I would say the network connectivity is much better than average. I am able to take some calls with this one now this is generally not the case with almost about 80% of the phones I test well again even with Gio I did not have a problem some of you have asked me and let me remove the Wi-Fi does it have dual Volte yes it does have dual Volte. In terms of network reception no issues.

Now let’s also talk about the earpiece which is also very important

Most of the calls you take rather your place and I’m happy to say this time the Asus team
did not screw up in terms of the here. The earpiece quality is loud and clear crystal. Clear in terms of calls and also the microphone quality is very good in fact it has multiple microphones. So in terms of call quality I would say excellent.

Let’s also talk about the build quality on this and if you notice this this is the RGB you can disable this have just enabled it for example when the phone is on you can enable when I switch it off it goes off so it’s completely customizable and in terms of Display what you say fingerprint as you see it is having this in display fingerprint scanner and again it is working almost all the time as you can see it works
without any issue so again these things and it also has this always-on display option with this so in display fingerprint scanner as good and I really like the build quality of the phone.

It feels solid this is all metallic outer shell casing it’s protected by Gorilla Glass six so in terms of build quality they haven’t made any compromises. It feels very very solid phone doesn’t flex or anything it feels like a high-end premium smartphone so in that respect you don’t have to worry now moving to another thing that is the battery.


This one has having a six thousand milliamp hour battery yes this is the only flagship I would say that is having the six thousand milliamp hour battery and in terms of battery life as expected first let me talk about as a normal user non-gamer if you are sort of a non gamer it can easily give you about one and a half to about two days of battery life per charge and as you can see these are some of the screenshotAsus Rog Phone 2 Battery Test

Asus Rog Phone 2 Battery Testthat after in my usage easily about one to one and a half days I’m getting and in terms of screen on time can go anywhere about the six-and-a-half to about eight yards or so but if you are sort of a gamer I did play a Call of Duty continuously on this for a long long time you can easily get about five hours of continuous gaming with this device now moving to charging I like the fact that this smartphone not only supports Qualcomm quick charging by default in the box you get 18 Volt fast charger but you can even charge it with A 30 Watt fast charger apart from that I really like the fact that this one also supports power delivery so this is my macbook what is a pros charger that is a USB type-c and i’m able to easily charge this device with that so if you have any power delivery a charger for example laptop charges that are USB type-c you can easily charge this and the charges are really really quick so in that espect also they have done a excellent job now.

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