Download Beat The Boss 4 Mod Apk Unlimited Money And Diamonds

In Boss 4 Beat APK (Free Shopping), you can comfort and harass your boss without any fear.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. About Beat The Boss 4
    1. Storyline
    2. Gameplay
    3. 30 levels with 130 weapons
    4. Graphics and sound
  3. MOD APK version of Beat The Boss 4
    1. MOD Feature
    2. What you can buy in the MOD APK version of Beat The Boss 4
  4. Download Beat The Boss 4 MOD APK for Android

Overview information

Name Beat The Boss 4
Package com.gamehivecorp.beattheboss4
Publisher Game Hive Corporation
Category Arcade
Version 1.6.1 (Latest)
Size 142M
MOD Features Free Shopping
Requires Android 5.0

Defeating boss 4

In life, sometimes we feel tired, stressed at work. Whether your job is big or small, your boss is good or bad, you work very hard but pique or annoyance with the boss is unavoidable. Many times you just want to teach him a lesson but you cannot do it because of your life and work.

Beat the Boss 4 has been released by the game Hive, a sequel that follows the success of previous games, so the game has advanced the “art” of torture to a new level and with Easy bugs and performance have improved. Tortures are ugly and unpleasant.


The game tells of an employee who is unhappy with his boss, always struggling with his boss. His boss was making him angry but there was nothing he could do to overcome his anger. Therefore, the birth of Beat the Boss 4 will help people who can “torture” their boss with various weapons to relieve stress in the person.


Beat the Boss 4 has a simple gameplay that does not require high skills, with basic tasks like touching and swiping the screen, you can comfortably torture your boss. There are so many weapons to choose from, choose the weapon you like, and then use it to torture the boss from all directions. Also, you can easily drag and drop the boss, looking like a puppet to tease the boss. In the first stage, you must defeat the boss for a set amount of time, in the next level you will face more difficulties.

30 levels

with 130 weapons Beat the Boss 4 has a terrific and very strange arsenal of about 130 weapons, including barbaric weapons like drones, guns, knives, swords, even bombs such as pens, rulers, rotten eggs, fruits Are included. You can comfortably torture your boss, it sounds a bit scary and cruel but when you play the game you will think that it is also full of humor and fun. It is not easy to open all the weapons in the game, you have to use the gold earned during the game, in addition to special weapons, you have to collect items that are made by the material, randomly when you hit a boss. Will fall from You will also need to upgrade your weapons so that they become stronger so that you can beat the bosses, ending them in the shortest time.

The game world includes 10 maps with 30 levels and 180 custom bosses for you to explore and torture comfortably. In particular, you can play with many people simultaneously to torture multiple bosses, I think this feature is quite interesting. So you can invite your friends and colleagues together to torture the boss, to release tension. Also, the game has only a few advertisements, which help you to experience the game better.

Graphics and Sound

The game has simple graphics and fun with quality pictures, much improved compared to previous versions. The space in the game is not expansive, but beautifully designed with many colors, various weapons, and meticulous care. The soundtrack is also noticeable as the background music in the game is quite unique with the torture humor of the boss.

MOD APK Version of The Beat 4

MOD feature

Free shopping: You can buy anything you want.

What you can buy in the MOD APK version of Beat the Boss 4

You can freely purchase items sold with money and diamonds.

Download Boss 4 MOD APK

I completely won after trying this game. Beat the Boss 4 is a great stress reliever, especially when stressed out of work that you should not miss. Play the game every day to relieve stress and get exciting rewards. You can download the game for free, but if you want to upgrade your arsenal fast, you can also buy some items with some cash.

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