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In my spare time, I accidentally find an interesting game with classic graphics. Today I will give you a little introduction about the game so that you understand before downloading and experiencing it. The game is called Bad Unlocked All , a new game from publisher Joey Drew Studios Inc.

If you’ve played the Bandy and Ink machine, then you’re no stranger to the Bandy character created by the printer’s ink. The game’s plot plunged into the decline of the animation industry, which got us thinking about Disney studios in the 80-90s.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. Familiar gameplay
  3. Kill your enemies
  4. Unlock new levels
  5. Classic graphics
  6. The game is worth playing
  7. Download

Overview information

Name Bendy in Nightmare Run
Package com.jds.binr
Publisher Joey Drew Studios
Category Adventure
Version 1.4.3676 (Latest)
Size 57M
MOD Features Unlocked All
Requires Android 4.4


Unlike the original version, Bandy’s gameplay in Nightmare Run is similar to Subway Surfers or Temple Run, you have to run continuously, avoiding obstacles and attacks from the enemy’s back. The flexible control mechanism, you only swipe twice to move the character in double jump, swipe the screen to the left, right to move in the same direction.

One big difference you can easily see compared to Subway Surfers and Temple Run is that when you play the two games above, the side runs away from the screen, the game is quite the opposite which Moving closer to you. This difference makes the gameplay somewhat different and new.

Chasers can attack you in many different ways like some people will throw tires, wheels at you while some people will use lasers, guns. Due to differences in gameplay, before you attack, a warning will be displayed on the screen so that you can make timely preparations to avoid such attacks.

Kill your enemies

Bandy in  Nightmare Run has 3 lanes including left, right, and middle. The boss will create enemies in each lane to attack you from afar, moreover, they are a shield for the boss. These villains are familiar characters in the Bandy series. You can also chase you by throwing a weapon at him. For enemies on the ground, you simply go into their lane, and throwing weapons is able to destroy them easily. As for the enemies in the air, you will also need to go into their lane and then jump and throw their weapons.

Unlock new levels

At each stage of the game, on the way, you can collect soup boxes by participating in the lane displaying them. However, I advise you not to pay too much attention to the box of soup, otherwise, you are very likely to be stuck in obstacles or attacked by enemies. When you pass each level, almost all the soup boxes you collect are enough to unlock the next level. If you do not accumulate enough, you will have to replay the previous level to earn more soup boxes. The higher the level of the game, the harder it is for speed and obstacles.

Classic Graphics

Talking about graphics, I was quite impressed and liked this part, although the graphics are designed in simple 3D graphics with two original black and white tones, they are a lot with many mottles. Let’s take the classic style. The color of the game is reminiscent of Disney’s old cartoons when you read horror stories about these cartoons, and is even more frightening. The images that come before your eyes are continuous black and white film, ink stains on the wall, and things are messed up.

The game is worth playing

Although not a horror game like the previous ones, if you like the game about Bendy, Bendy in Nightmare Run Mode is a game that you cannot ignore. The game is available for both iOS and Android operating systems, you can download it through our link below.

Download Bendy in Nightmare Run Mod APK

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