Top 5 Power Bank For C- Type Connector Under 1000

Best Power Bank with Type C Connector under Rs. 1000/-

Power bank works as another life for our Smartphone. But due to high prices in the market, not everyone can afford that. Fortunately, if you find a power bank which is slight lower in the price, you have to compromise with its quality and features. So, getting an efficient power bank with modern features in an affordable price range of under Rs. 1000/- , is indeed a boon for the Smartphone users.

Power banks have become a necessary accessory while planning a tour for multiple days and while a long day hangout with your friends or family. When you are just about to exit from your home and you are pretty sure that you have put your phone on charging before you were going to sleep last night. But then when you lift your phone to take it up with you outside, you see that the battery percentage in your phone is just 1%. then this is time when you really curse yourself and your habit of forgetting things so easily.

here, we have made things easy for you by listing some best power banks  with type C connectors, that too in a price range of under Rs. 1000/-. The power banks listed here is available on best prices at

Zebronics 2000 mAh Power Bank     

zebronics power bank with 2000mAh battery capacity is new in the market . It is equipped with modern type c connector and comes in just 987 INR. It is featured by Bluetooth function and is micro-SD card enabled. It has in-built FM radio. it has call function and torch too.

BLACKSTAR 5000 mAh Power Bank

BLACKSTAR has launched 5000Mah lithium–polymer battery power bank. It is light weighted portable device that comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty. Blackstar is a big brand for power banks. The blackstar power bank has an eye-soothing body design and it gives you a fast charging experience.

Blackstar Power Bank with Overheating Protection

The Blackstar’s another power bank come with a overheating protection technology with different dimensional measurement. It comes in a super slim design size with chrome finish.

Ambrane Power Bank

The Ambrane power bank has exquisite features having 20000Mah battery. It got a 4.2 ranking by Google users on the website. it weighs around 325 grams. It has lithium polymer battery.

Safeseed Power Bank

safeseed‘s power bank is in the market with 2500mAH lithium polymer battery. It is available in 499/- INR.The power bank IS supported by wireless charging

Here is a comparison of all power banks mentioned in the list above.

specificationsZebronics 2000 mAh Power BankBLACKSTAR 5000 mAh Power BankBLACKSTAR 5000 mAh Power BankAmbrane 20000 mAh Power Bank (PP-20)Safeseed 2500 mAh Power Bank
weight-112 Grams116grams325 grams
Power  sourceAC AdapterAC Adapter5v/2A WALL CHARGERAC adapterUSB
warranty1 year

Manufacturer warranty

1 Year Blackstar India Warranty1 year manufacturer warranty6 month manufacturer warranty-
Suitable deviceMobileMobileMobile, TABLETS, SMART DEVICESmobileMOBILE
dimension123/70/10 mm69/136/9 mm-
Number of output port12222
Other featuresSpeaker, Micro SD, Call function, Fm Radio, Bluetooth power bankLED Indicator, Torch, Compact Design-
price Rs.987/ -Rs.854 /-Rs. 934/-Rs. 899/-Rs. 499/-
OUTPUT POWER5 V / 2.1 A, 5 V / 1 A5V/2A2 x 5 V/2.1 A-
Overheating protection--yes--
batteryLithium-ion batteryLithium Polymer BatteryLithium Polymer BatteryLithium Polymer BatteryLithium Polymer Battery

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