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Blade Master (MOD Unlimited Money) is an RPG from publisher Blade X-Games. The more than 5 million downloads on Google Play, with over 75,000 5-star reviews, is the clearest evidence of the game’s appeal. If you are looking for a role-playing game that is not too stressful and does not require you to spend too much time, then you can try this game.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. About Blade Master
    1. A Mini Action RPG
    2. Adventure in the monster world
    3. Hundreds of maps and enemies
    4. Upgrade your weapons
    5. Graphics and sound
  3. What’s more in Blade Master MOD?
    1. MOD Feature
  4. Sum up
  5. Download

Overview information

Name Blade Master
Package com.gameley.blademaster.spinning.en
Publisher Blade-X Games
Category RPG
Version 0.1.27 (Latest)
Size 41M
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requires Android 4.1

About Blade Master

In a previous article, I introduced to you Grandma Legend, who was playing a role in a unique and fun style. The game I introduced today has the same gameplay as Grandma Legend, except that the main character of this game is a warrior, not a grandmother.

A mini action RPG

It can be said that it is the easiest role-playing game ever. Typically, role-playing games require players to spend a lot of time on them. To become stronger, you need to join the Dungeon, do quests, collect equipment and runs, upgrade character skills. The game creates a lot of things to immerse itself in the game world. But with Blade Master, you don’t need to do too much.

How to play this game is very simple, hold your finger on the screen and swipe to move the character. The swords move around the main character automatically, you just need to move so that your character is quite close to the monster, the swords automatically damage them. Do not forget to avoid the attacks of enemies. Just one second of distraction, you can die.

You don’t know why the main character participated in the fight with the demons. Just know that you are surrounded by monsters and robots. You have to fight to survive and complete the mission to save the world.

Adventures in the monster world

Blade Master’s world is full of monsters. They have many different types. Some monsters use melee weapons, some have the ability to fire a laser, spray acid, or explode. You need to understand how each type of demon attacks, which shows how to move, efficiently avoiding their attacks.

The gameplay is very simple. But if you think that the challenges of the game are easy, then you are wrong. In the first few levels, the demons quickly lose. But at a higher level, it takes a lot of time to defeat a demon. The amount of blood is displayed on the body of the monster so that you can know which monster is going to lose.

During the fight, you can pick up some falling blades on the map. They will help you make a second rotation, smaller radius than the main rotation. This blade rotation will protect you from the monsters that pass the first rotation.

Hundreds of maps and enemies

While playing Blade Master, you discover hundreds of different maps. Your adventurous journey from forests, ravines to deserts. Your enemies also change according to each map. Each boss has a different skill, it helps you to always be curious and not to be bored with repeated gameplay.

Upgrade your weapons

Aside from improving your skills and talents, the easiest way to upgrade weapons is to take down stubborn bosses. After completing the steps, you will receive coins. Use the number of coins to upgrade your weapons. It rotates faster and deals more damage per attack. In addition, you can buy new weapons and special characters.

Graphics and Sound

Although Blade Master does not have 3D graphics like other role-playing games on mobile, you can still be fascinated by the game’s visuals and great effects. Impressive photos designed with details are fun. The game selects a top-down perspective, helps you see the entire map, and can know where enemies appear.

Also, the sound is the factor that allows you to play this game for hours. The sound of the blade helps you feel like it is really sharp. It can kill many different types of enemies, including robots or aliens.

What’s more in blade master mode?

Much more money is required to unlock weapons and upgrades. Sometimes, you get stuck on a difficult level because your weapon is very weak and the enemy is very strong. But you do not have enough money to upgrade, so you will have to play many times in the previous level. Very simple!

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: The MOD version gives you some available money. As a result, you can easily upgrade your weapons, buy your favorite weapons and characters. However, you need to reach the required level of each weapon.


Blade Master is unique and very interesting role-playing. I can spend hours playing it. Each level only lasts two minutes, I can play during lunch when drinking a cup of coffee, or on the bus. The gameplay is very simple, anyone can play with just one finger. But to be the best swordsman, you need to practice a lot.

Download Blade Master MOD APK

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