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Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. Introduce about Captain Tsubasa ZERO
    1. Gameplay
    2. Train your players
    3. Enhance the ability with the card system
    4. Graphics
  3. MOD APK version of Captain Tsubasa ZERO
    1. MOD feature
  4. Download Captain Tsubasa ZERO MOD APK for Android

Overview Information

NameCaptain Tsubasa ZERO
Version2.1.2 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesHigh Stats, Weak Enemies
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Introduction about Captain Tsubasa Zero

What a great shot! In Captain Tsubasa ZERO, football matches are second to none. Whether familiar with popular manga or you just know it, the game brings countless entertaining moments with exciting football matches.

Captain Tsubasa, also known by the familiar name “Field of Dreams”, is a popular Japanese anime/manga series. It is inspired not only on TV but also by mobile game developers to become themes for their projects. Earlier, we introduced you to Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team. Now, explore Captain Tsubasa ZERO with me through this article.


The game gives you the opportunity to become a superstar player Tsubasa Ozora, a cannon with powerful shots like football. During the process of making friends and facing opponents, you will make the small team a champion.

After entering the

field, the most important factor is strategy. Players automatically move, shoot, pass, block and take the ball. And you will manage the team by switching between defensive, attacking, or balanced squad. This gameplay is similar to football management games such as Football Manager 2020.

However, there are also differences to make a game interesting. This miracle shot is the subject of this Captain Tsubasa game version. You can score stars quickly with a Miracle Shot – an entertaining shot despite physical laws, including Sasbasa’s twin, shot when he and a teammate will shoot the ball simultaneously at the same time. At that time, you can interact with the game by selecting players to demonstrate this special skill. Of course, maybe someone is not Tsubasa, but it is not a good idea and the game does not encourage it.

That sounds hard to believe, doesn’t it? Certainly, because Captain Tsubasa Zero brings a sense of both look and anime, this football simulation game has a fast, extremely vibrant tempo that still contains subtle tactical elements. Put on your shoes and come out on the field!

Train your players

Players are the main element to successfully run your strategy. If a player in the striker position does not have good enough skill or speed, it is difficult for the opponent’s defense to cross to score a goal. So please develop their statistics.

There are many ways to do this. First, through the training process. Anyone needs the training to improve their expertise in the job. Choose a training facility, where there are appropriate training courses based on FW, MF, DF, or GK status. This process requires STUBASA coins and related training items. These items can only be earned through playing with other teams or are packages of items sold in the shop for real money

Second, through the Evolution feature. Each player has a rating system of one to five stars. Generally, you can get new players through cards. However, they are usually only at the level of two or three stars. If you want to get taller, the only way to upgrade them is.

Finally, enhancements. If a player meets the level and rank requirements, he can participate in this process to increase his ability. It has a maximum level of 70, does not need to consume any resources and you only need to keep the enhancement button.

Increase Capacity with Card System

This game has more features than you think to customize the squad. Apart from strategy and players, the card system is another feature you should be concerned about. The power it gives is calculated according to the skill power. The higher this score, the higher the performance and statement of the squad.

If you want the striker’s ability to shoot the ball becomes strong and unpredictable, equip with a wild shot card. If you want to improve the accuracy and agility of a goalie, then focus on developing a skillful save card.

In addition, there are two more cards support and content. You can collect them yourself and learn. But remember one thing, whatever the type, they will directly affect the strategy you implement.


Enjoying Captain Tsubasa ZERO is like enjoying anime and manga. The graphics of this game recreate everything about the design, from the characters, references, colors, movements to the original movie.

Not only that, but the characters are also voiced by Japanese actors. Fans of Captain Tsubasa or any other anime will be hard to ignore.

MOD APK version of Captain Tsubasa Zero

MOD feature

  • High Stats
  • Weak Enemy

Download Captain Tsubasa Zero Mod

Build your squad and dominate the area. The championship trophy is still awaited by anyone who can touch it. Under your leadership, is Tsubasa and his teammates possible?

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