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College Life MOD APK (unlimited kisses) is Nutaku’s 18+ simulation game about the college life of female students. Download the game through the link below the article.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. Introduce about College Life
    1. Plot
    2. Gameplay
    3. Build a beautiful land
    4. Meet new friends
    5. Unlock new lands
  3. MOD APK version of College Life
    1. MOD feature
  4. Download College Life MOD APK for Android

Overview information

NameCollege Life
Version1.6.8 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Kisses
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Introduction about college life

Nutaku is a publisher with lots of interesting content. Loot Calls, 7 Angels, Loot Farms, or Fapp CEO earned him a lot of fame in the NSFW genre. Thanks to this, College Life has received much attention and positive reviews from the moment it was released.

Until the present time, though college life is no longer a new game, it is still liked by many gamers. You can also install it on our website.


College life tells of the incident of a female student when her university suddenly changed principal. The new principal is a strange man, always trying to find ways to control women and expel them from school.

When the girl’s best friend arrives in a similar situation and faces expulsion, she decides to do something to help her friend and expel the evil principal from school.


Although College Life is labeled 18+, its gameplay is largely similar to a life simulation game. But here the subject is narrow, revolving around the university surroundings of male and female students. You can role-play a character, then gradually explore her life, from personal life, from daily life to university environments.

Overall, the gameplay of College Life is quite interesting. A task list is provided by the system. You can test them and execute them through the tracking board. They are also very simple, such as making posters to find a lost dog, going to a friend’s house, buying an item or new land.

Of course, as you do more missions, the story expands. And then, you can play the role of another character.

In the right corner of the screen, you can see the characters you are playing. You just need to touch the corresponding character to convert. Each of them has its own life and tasks that need to be done. If you complete a quest, you will receive a bonus, unlocking many new items and areas.

If you like Nutaku games, you can try Fap CEO, Smash Call.

Create a beautiful land

In addition to the simulation elements, college life also has creative elements. That means, your characters can build buildings. These buildings can revolve around the lives of the characters, such as houses, restaurants, movie theaters, or college buildings, such as bookstores, pizzerias, and junk food. Of course, there are many other buildings and decorations. The world is yours in this game, turn it into the land you’ve always wanted.

Meet a new friend

During the experience, you will interact with other characters. They are neighbors, college friends or teachers. You can communicate with them by touching them. Dialogue occurs quite naturally when the dialog is displayed on the screen. You will choose an answer and decide on someone’s answer.

Also, there are some new characters. They are all beautiful and lovely girls. However, you need to unlock them in the store.

Unlock new land

The first moment during joining college life, the land you live in is quite limited. However, as you experience and complete more quests, you can expand the land to find new friends.

There is also a lot of interesting visuals and content that Nutaku designed and put into play. Let’s see them!

MOD APK version of college life

MOD feature

Unlimited Kisses: Choose any building, choose Quick Renewal, you will get lots of Kisses. Also, the kiss is not less when you buy it.

Download College Life MOD APK for Android

College Life is a simulation game with interesting themes and content. You can find new things and hidden elements during the experience. When you set up this game through the articles we place at the bottom of the article, your boring time will become more meaningful.

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