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Crash of Cars MOD APK (Unlimited Coins / Gems) is a multiplayer car battle game for iOS and Android. The game was released by Not Doppler, the publisher of the game Arn to Die 2, which we introduced to you in a previous article. The game has the same gameplay as IO games such as and, where you participate in an arena with many other players and try to become the ultimate survivor.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. Introduce about Crash of Cars
    1. Cars battle
    2. How to play Crash of Cars
    3. My tactics
    4. Upgrade and develop
    5. Play with friends
    6. Graphics
  3. MOD APK version of Crash of Cars
    1. MOD Features
  4. Download Crash of Cars MOD APK for Android

Overview information

NameCrash of Cars
PublisherNot Doppler
Version1.4.14 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins/Gems
RequiresAndroid 4.0.3

Introduction about car crashes

Car Fight

That’s right. Not a snake or a warrior, what you control in Crash of Cars is a car – it means that we travel every day. What a unique game. For a person who loves cars like me, the game made me feel very excited.

How to play car crash

Currently, Cars Crash has only one multiplayer mode. You join a match by clicking the green play button on the screen. Then the game will get more players and throw everyone into a crazy car war game on mobile. Cars move automatically, to hold the screen to the right, to turn to the right, hold down the left side of the screen. When you hold both sides, the car brakes and turns its head.

Like other IO games, the key is that you need to collect what the game requires, there are crowns here. When the time runs out, the player with the most crowns will win. Of course, other players are not easy for you to achieve your goals. They will try to stop you … destroy your car and knock you out of the game.

When the game starts, you only have one normal car. Upgrade it by collecting mysterious boxes and picking up weapons in it. There are a lot of weapons, including laser guns, rocket fire guns, grenade launchers, saws, flamethrowers … If you beat your opponent, you can pick up that player’s entire crown. Therefore you can consider focusing on choosing the crown or attacking other players.

My strategy

While playing this kind of game, players gather in the central area. In my opinion, we should start fighting in suburban areas to be able to loot the weapon and strengthen it safely. After that, you can go to the central area to clear the fight. The remaining players have gone through constant battles, they have become weak and you can beat them easily. However, this strategy is not suitable for all players. If you like experiencing crazy battles, start at the center and join the party.

Upgrade and develop

Cars Crash has many interesting features for players. Very large vehicle system with 70 vehicles slightly different from cars, trucks, fire trucks, ambulances … The vehicle system is divided into popular, rare, epic, and mythological types.

After the game is over, a portion of the crown you collect turns into coins, which are used to unlock the car, and upgrade some equipment. The upgrade helps increases the time to use power-ups and weapons on the battlefield, for example, missile guns can fire 5 missiles instead of 4. You can also customize some colors, skins for your cars.

Play with friends

In a game like Crash of Cars, there is nothing more fun than playing with your friends. This is an online game, you can invite your close friends to a match and destroy them. Everyone will have fun moments for sure.


Cars Crash has 3D graphics with good image quality. Not very pretty, but the graphics quality of the game is addictive and enough to make players feel excited. There are many interesting places to visit with many beautiful sceneries, bright colors. Currently, the game has 8 different maps. You can choose your favorite map before starting the match.

MOD APK version of Cars Crash

MOD features

Unlimited Coins / Gems: Our Crash MOD APK version of Cars gives you unlimited coins and gems. You can buy a car at any time, unlock and upgrade equipment. Download the MOD version via the link below this article and enjoy it!

Download Cars Crash MOD APK

Overall, Crash of Car is a fast-paced online arena game with many attractive features. Skills are not enough, if you want to be the last survivor then you need to make the appropriate strategy for each event in battle. This can be a great sport for holidays and weekends.

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