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Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. Introduce about Cut the Rope 2
    1. Find candies for Om Nom
    2. An interesting puzzle game
    3. The journey of a thousand miles has only just begun
    4. Choose the challenge you want
    5. Use items and hints if you get stuck
  3. MOD APK version of Cut the Rope 2
    1. MOD feature
  4. Download Cut the Rope 2 MOD APK for Android

Overview information

Name Cut the Rope 2
Publisher ZeptoLab
Category Puzzle
Version 1.28.0 (Latest)
Size 55M
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requires Android 4.2

Introduction About Cut 2 Rope

Cut the Rope is one of the most popular game series in the puzzle category. It has been released by ZeptoLab – a game studio based in London. They always try to develop scientific products that are fun, but every appeal.

The game I would like to introduce to you is Cut the Rope 2 – one of the most popular games in the series. Are you ready to join Om Nom to find sweet candies?

Cut the Rope 2 revolves around Om Nom’s story of finding sweet candy. While he was with the rest of the Nomiz family, a thief barged in and took the source of his favorite food. Thanks to some evidence found, Om Nom glanced into a nearby forest and saw that the thief had dropped the candy to escape.

Now, Om Nom and other members of Nomis will be involved in the dessert search process. Please help him!

Interesting Puzzle Game

The goal in this game is to help Om Nom regain the stolen candies so that he and Nummy do not die of starvation.

Cut Rope 2 includes some candies at each level. They are being tied with ropes. Om Nom cannot climb, so you have to cut the strings so that the candy can fall into its mouth.

A piece of candy can be tied with lots of wire. But only one cut gives the best results. Find a sensible strategy that uses the least deduction. Make a candy roll towards Om Nom and collect all three stars at the same time. Collect more stars, you’ll get more bonuses and unlock some new content!

Currently, Cut the Rope 2 has over 160 levels with a series of new challenges that you have been waiting to solve. Can you team up with Om Nom to collect all the stolen candies, and at the same time, the thief may have to bear the consequences for the things that have arisen?

The journey of a thousand miles has just begun

Like climbing, the level in Cut Rope 2 will gradually become more difficult. The candies are arranged in a more dangerous situation, which does not allow you to make mistakes. Because just one cut of the wrong chord, you have to play again.

In addition, the level also reveals some constraints. Although they play a passive role, they will take action on Candy, preventing Candy from moving towards Om Nom. At that time, using signal assistants was very helpful. But you should not overdo it, because it will lose the fun of puzzle games.

Choose the challenge you want

Cut the Rope 2 is not like other puzzle games. Before entering the puzzle, you can choose one of the game’s three challenges, such as collecting three stars, not collecting stars, or collecting fruit (depending on the difficulty, the amount of fruit required is 15 to 50 ), Games with limited time and more. Complete one of those challenges, you can unlock the next level.

However, Om Nom requires a sufficient number of medals at certain stages to continue the journey. Therefore, at some levels, you have to face more than one challenge to get a medal. This will contribute to an increase in performance points at that level.

Use items and hints if you get stuck

There are several types of in-game support items. You have to use them flexibly for Om Nom to collect the candies and complete the related challenge.

For example, Om Nom needs to collect three stars. But when you cut a rope that is tying Om Nom, he falls down and is unable to collect the rest of the star. Use the bubble item to drag it into the air. Then cut the rope to bring him back to where he was, continue eating to complete the candy.

In other cases, Om Nom can also use bombs to hit objects on the map, allowing them to move closer to him. Or use the suction item, to suck the balloon that is forcing the other candy for you.

MOD APK Version of the Rope 2

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Cut the Rope 2 has only one currency, which is coins. They are used to purchase support items in stores. Power (power-up), signal included. Apart from this, you can also use coins to buy decorative items for candy, om nom costume, and wire cutting effects.

Download Cut Rope 2 MOD APK

Cut the Rope 2 is ZeptoLab’s most successful game. It has many fun puzzles, but not logic, but attention to creativity and impossible ideas. How can a floating candy roll towards Om Nom when there is a rock in front of it? All answers are in this game. Find them!

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