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Dead Target MOD APK will help you to provide enough capability to fight dangerous zombies. Just download it and you will have a lot of money and gold.

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  2. About Dead Target
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    2. Gameplay
    3. Epic weapons
    4. Impressive 3D graphics
  3. MOD APK version of Dead Target
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Overview information

NameDead Target
Version4.50.1.2 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

About Dead Target

Dead Target – After hearing the name of this game, you can also know that your goal in this game is to kill the hidden zombies. The game is released by VNG GAME STUDIOS, a Vietnam-based publisher. In many ways, I think the game has many similarities with Dead Trigger 2, but the game has some differences that make your zombie fight more dramatic and scary.

With over 70 million downloads on Google Play, it can be said that Dead Target is one of the most popular zombie games of all time. Currently, the game is free to download for both Android and iOS, you can download it via the link below the article. But first, let’s find some interesting things about this game.


The reference to the dead target was made in 2040, an important step in the time of anthropology and technology. At the same time, World War II is taking place. The Defense Minister signed with a company called MZ, which was planning to develop a project called Dead Target: turning soldiers, prisoners into zombies, and using them to attack other countries instead of using soldiers. But unexpectedly, MZ broke the treaty and activated the world’s deadliest disease. The world is on the verge of destruction.

To begin with, MZ uses a city to test its disease and is a threat to governments. Unable to do so, a task force was sent to gather information about the disease and prevent them from spreading to other cities. But it was too late. In the end, the task force died, leaving only you and Agent M. to kill or be killed? Becoming Alive or Zombie? Keep fighting, kill the zombies, save Agent M, and wait for reinforcements to save you.


Originally, the reference and gameplay of Dead Target are very similar to Dead Trigger, but the important thing is that you can’t move forward. Yes. I’m serious. Many players complained about this, perhaps we are accustomed to shooting and “kiting” zombies in other games, so standing in front of dozens of zombies and running at you is not a pleasant experience at all. However, this has pushed the player’s fear and level to a new level. Don’t run away, you can completely stop the zombie invasion with the support of your weapon and swat force.

What I love most about this game is that you can’t guess what will happen next. You cannot tell where the zombies will come from and what their capabilities are. Sometimes some zombies look weak but they can withstand hundreds of bullets. Some zombies have the ability to get out or vomit, even a ferocious zombie dog makes you run straight.

Under any circumstances, you should try to kill more and more zombies. It not only helps you to survive but also brings a significant amount of gold. The fastest way to kill a zombie is to hit their head. It is easy to hit the chest, but in return, you get less money, and sometimes you need more than one bullet to kill them. You should reduce the increase or decrease the sensitivity to be able to aim in the most accurate way.

Epic Weapon

In an FPS game, what most players are interested in is the arsenal. Through each level, you can explore hundreds of modern weapons of the Dead Target. There are many different weapons in the game such as rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, pistols, grenade launchers … Starting with a standard pistol, you can complete most levels with a pistol and MP5. Later, the corpse becomes strong and unpredictable, which is a good time to explore new guns. It is helpful to buy new weapons and upgrade them if you get stuck in a few steps for a long time.

Impressive 3D Graphics

Dead Target’s graphics were developed based on the Unity Engine 4.0 platform, providing stunning image quality with stunning detail. The game has a lot of compatibilities that is running statically on most mobile devices, even if it is a Lumia 520. The dark background is mixed with creepy effects increasing the players’ fear. In addition, music and sound help make the game more engaging and dramatic.

MOD APK Version of Dead Target

MOD feature

Unlimited Gold / Cash: With a large amount of money available, you can easily buy advanced weapons. Upgrade equipment and more.

Download Dead Target MOD APK

Should You Play Dead Target? The answer is “yes”.

Dead Target is one of the best zombie games I’ve played so far. This is an offline game, you can play anywhere, anytime. If necessary, we have a mod version available below this article (unlimited money).

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