Diamond Diaries Saga Mod Unlimited Gold

Whenever you lose the turn, don’t worry, because now you can download Diamond Diary Saga MOD APK (Unlimited Lives, Cheat Panel)!

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. About Diamond Diaries Saga
    1. Super exciting puzzle game
    2. Hundreds of levels
    3. Beautiful graphics
  3. MOD APK version of Diamond Diaries Saga
    1. MOD Features
    2. How to open the cheat panel?
  4. Download Diamond Diaries Saga MOD APK for Android

Overview information

Name Diamond Diaries Saga
Package com.king.diamonddiariessaga
Publisher King
Category Puzzle
Version 1.36.0 (Latest)
Size 92M
MOD Features Unlimited Lives, Cheat Panel
Requires Android 4.0

About Diamond Diary Saga

Match-3 is a popular puzzle game that anyone can play and enjoy. When it comes to this type of game, you cannot ignore the publisher King.com, which produced the best match-3 game: Candy Crush Saga. Now, they are back with a new version of a colorful puzzle game called Diamond Diaries Saga. It is a game that has been created due to the enthusiasm and effort of the publisher when mobile games are not the real games that stand out in the market. In this game, you have to say goodbye to the world of candy and welcome to a world full of sparkling jewels.

Super Exciting Puzzle Game

The Diamond Diaries Saga has a new way of playing called “Linker”. If in Ferdinand: Unstopbull, you have to arrange three elements with the same element and color them in a vertical or horizontal line to score, there is a different way to play in this game: using your finger on your screen Swipe and connect the same icon in close proximity, then they disappear and create rare jewels.

Interestingly, this game not only focuses on riddles, but it challenges you by many different subjects in each level, requiring you to be clever in solving them. At times, the puzzles will be very complex and difficult. When faced with difficulty levels, I often play too often to finish and this makes me feel excited. There is a very refined design of obstacles and puzzles waiting to find you. To win, you have to learn from past failures to find a way to solve the game. Many huge treasures await you after every level, so don’t miss it.

You can use diamonds to buy some special items in the game. Diamonds can be obtained by looking at advertisements, doing quests or you can buy directly in cash.

Hundred Levels

While playing the Diamond Diary Saga, you will enjoy a sweet adventure through various lands and cities around the world. Completing the levels is a way for you to have a travel ticket to the next mysterious land. Hundreds of levels, thousands of challenges, and a myriad of mysterious treasures have never been solved.

Some other special modes like Challenge or Arena are worth playing. You can challenge your friends to see who goes through the highest levels and share their scores through social networks.

Beautiful graphics

Beautiful graphics, great sound that I can say about Diamond Diary Saga. The game is designed in bright, vibrant colors. You will like colorful diamonds like green, yellow, red … follow the law of gravity and walk easily.

MOD APK version of Diamond Diary Saga

MOD features

  • unlimited life
  • Cheat Panel

How to open the cheat panel?

You should click on the icon like the picture below!

Download Diamond Diary Saga MOD APK

I think publisher Raja has made a great game. Puzzles will be your source of entertainment in this game, not just an hour which can be a month, a year, or many years. For the most relaxing moments, download the Diamond Diary Saga on your phone and play with me!

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