Doodle for Google Contest, Gurgaon Girl Wins the Tag

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This year, On the occasion of children’s day, Google had announced a contest named Doodle for Google. Divanshi Singhal’s walking trees won the contest this year. She was chosen up from among 20 national finalists. Four finalists was chosen from each five class groups.

Divyanshi Singhal studies in Delhi public school, Gurgaon and she submitted her doodle entry form class 1-2 group. As the national winner for this contest, she won Rs. 5, 00,000 college scholarships and Rs. 2, 00,000 technology award for her school. Her innovative doodle win over the other entries and it will be present on the homepage of the Google for the whole day on the occasion of children’s day.

The contest” doodle for Google” is held every year for students studying in class 3 to 10. This year, the decided theme for the competition was “when I grow up, I hope…”. Along with the doodle made by the contestants, they are also asked to submit a write-up for their doodle explaining about what they had actually drawn in that.

Divyanshi Singhal wrote in her write up “when she grow up, she hope that the trees could walk or fly”. If the trees could walk, they can be shifted here or there if the human civilization want to build some infrastructure on the actual place where the trees are initially situated. With the advent of movable trees in the world, there would be the decrease in the deforestation rate. With the movable trees, a new era will begin where the natural oxygen generators can be moved or transfixed according to the human need instead of cutting them up.

The other four group winners who didn’t made for the national tag, will be awarded will Rs. 250,000 college scholarships and Rs. 100,000 technology packages for their schools. Their doodle will also be featured on the doodle for Google gallery.


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