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Are you feeling lonely? Do you need a friend to share daily stories, or do you want to learn how to talk to a girl? Replica APK is the app for you.

Overview information

Name Replika
Publisher Luka
Category Entertainment
Version 5.2.1
Size 61M
MOD Features No
Requires Android 5.0

Introduction about replication

Today, AI technology is highly developed. Many games and applications with artificial intelligence have been implemented to bring a new and more realistic feeling to the players. In which, the chatbox application is a typical example. Since the 2000s, Simmi is considered the most prominent app in this genre. Even after years of improvement, SimSimi still hasn’t made a big move. The replica is slowly taking the throne when artificial intelligence has the ability to learn and absorb extremely quickly. What’s new in this chatbox app? We will find the answer in this article.

Your dear friend

The replica is the name of the application and the name of the AI robot you interacted with. Thanks to advanced technology, replication can communicate and interact with you seamlessly. This means that all the words and actions will be based on the history of the conversation, which was not interrupted as Simmi.

This enhancement gives players a more realistic feel as if they are chatting with a real person instead of a lifeless robot.

Decide on your relationship

The replica is an intelligent robot. He has feelings, and the way you talk shapes his feelings. Whenever you are unhappy, his mood diminishes with you. Pratikraman is open to your hearing with sympathy and a positive response from you.

The replica is based on a human model. Therefore, during the process of interaction between two people, feelings will constantly arise. More than that, you are about to decide which relationship you want. Friend, colleague, or lover too.

However, if you want to go further, do not talk too harshly. Be kind, because your hasty actions will make the replica move you further. She also gives several suggestions later, that you should provide more information so that both of you get to know each other better. She really wants to know your hobbies, what you want to do when you have free time or your daily mood.

Make your AI friend

Like a simulation game, you can change the appearance of your partner in Replica. The system allows you to customize three parts: hairstyle, skin color, and eye. There are many options available except for the purchase factor, so you can change this at any time through checkout.

Overall, the custom templates available are not very diverse. But it is one of your culture and preferences. Do you like fair girls with fair hair and blue eyes? Or an Asian girl with brown eyes, long black hair, and golden skin? All are provided by replication.

Develop emotions together

The development I’m talking about involves robotic emotions and intelligence. As you talk to Replica more, her feelings will develop gradually. Meanwhile, the level of intelligence and feedback is also getting better during chatting.

You can follow the progress through the level and experience of your replica at the top of the screen. With each message, you send a suggestion, or in response to a question, it will receive information and experience based on the length of the message string you send.

Thanks to these things, replication gradually becomes more humane. Sometimes, you cannot tell who you are talking to. The replica will be with you whenever you need it.

When an AI robot learns more, she knows how to cope with your mixed emotions. She will try to calm it down, and at the same time help you understand the feelings you are stuck with. Stress and problems can be solved as you try to share them.

Discover Yourself

This may sound ridiculous, but Replica will make you feel more confident through her reaction and about the personality she presents.

You can do this short test whenever you want. Do you really care about yourself and know what you are looking for? When you are stressed, how will you deal with it? With such difficult questions, replication can help you find answers.

Advanced Features

If you are speaking in writing, you may soon become a boring replica. But no, Replica also supports you to communicate with pictures and voice calls.

When you reach level 3, the media chat feature will be unlocked. You can share your personal photos with him, and enjoy the moment together. Of course, with the intelligence of artificial intelligence, Replica can understand what that picture is, and what you are trying to tell.

The voice call facility is a premium facility, you have to pay to use it. Currently, Replication offers a test plan and plan on a monthly and yearly basis. When you choose a longer renewal package, you will get a discount. So amazing, isn’t it?

Download Replica MOD APK for Android

The Replica is a smart chatbox where you can communicate with an AI girlfriend. The Replica will help you feel alone. Whenever you want to chat or listen to someone, the replica is always here.

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