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We can’t ignore Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle (MOD God Mode, High Damage), a popular title of Bandai that features familiar characters and plotlines from the manga.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. About DBZ: Dokkan Battle
    1. Journey to find 7 dragon balls
    2. Match-3 puzzle game
    3. Familiar characters
    4. Graphics
  3. MOD Version of DBZ: Dokkan Battle
    1. Features
    2. How to install
  4. Download Dragon Ball Z MOD APK for Android

Overview information

Name Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle
Package com.bandainamcogames.dbzdokkanww
Category Action
Version 4.10.2 (Latest)
Size 85M
MOD Features God MOD, High Damage
Requires Android 4.4

About DBZ: Docking Battle

Bandai Namco is a publisher known for its adaptations from popular manga titles like Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, … and their games are popular when there are plenty of players around the world. Recently, they have released Dragon Ball Legend – The Best Fighting Game. And now there is Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle.

Journey to find 7 Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball tells the story of the Dragon Ball journey from Songoku’s childhood. After each trip, he meets new friends, and he loves everyone and teaches many different martial arts. Later, Songoku found his true origins. He and his friends fight to protect the Earth from the most powerful villains in the universe. (If Songoku joins the Avenger, they can stop Thanos).

Over the years, the characters in this manga have become famous in every reader’s heart. In Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, you will join warriors engaged in a battle to protect the innocent from evil intentions. Chaddi and Raja Kai are two storytellers who guide the operation and take you on all missions.

Match-3 puzzle game

Unlike Dragon Ball Legends, Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is the first Dragon Ball theme game to use the match-3 puzzle. Although the main content of the game is the battle between the main characters and the villain, however, the game does not focus too much on elements of action or RPG, but instead, you will solve puzzles to attack opponents. As a result, the game helps to entertain the player lightly while retaining the content and characters of the manga.

You have countless spherical balls of different colors on your screen, your task is to attack, defend or increase the power of three spheres of the same color. The gameplay of this linker game is similar to the Diamond Diary Saga, which means that you swipe the screen using your finger to add the same colored balls. In particular, each character has unique strengths and skills corresponding to a different key. For example, if you use Vegetable, the damage you deal will increase with using the yellow key, and at some point, the character will make special attacks. Do you want to convert to Super Sayan or at least use? Everything is possible when you match the character with the right kind of key.

Familiar Characters

In Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, you can collect characters through unlocked cards and include them in a team of warriors. You’ll have the opportunity to meet characters like Songoku, Piccolo, Gohan, Vegeta, Android, … and even villains at the beginning of a story like Tao Pie, Master Shen. Each character has different strengths and skills, but similar to other Dragon Ball games, it seems that publishers always prejudice characters on the planet Sai. This makes sense because according to origin, Sai is one of the most powerful countries in the galaxy.Cards are divided into rare systems, of which rare cards are SSRs and the most popular are common ones. Specifically, Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle has a mechanism that helps you customize a character by crafting another of your cards, for example, you switch from Picoco’s Agility card to Strength. Also, if you want to increase the rare and increase the stats for the card, don’t forget to upgrade the rare level of the card.


Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle has very good graphics, bright and colorful. The game makes you feel like watching Dragon Ball animation. Characters are designed and dubbed according to the original version of the cartoon. After you complete the puzzle, your screen will be a fight between two characters and the lost character falls on your screen, breaking the screen effect.

Mod version of

DBZ: Docking Battle features

  • God Mod
  • High Damage

Download Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle MOD APK for Android

Basically, Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is a fun and easy game, suitable for players looking for a lightweight entertainment game.

Warriors, stand up and protect the peace of the Earth!

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