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Dragon Land (MOD Coins / Diamonds / Life) is a 3D adventure game from Publishing Social Point. This game can be considered as a super upgraded version of the Mario game. Although Mario’s graphics are not perfect, Mario became the hottest game of the last decade in the early 90s.

Around 1985, the gaming industry was in serious trouble, but Nintendo (Cherry Blossom’s largest development company) successfully revived the gaming industry worldwide. Mario is the savior, and at the time, the game is bringing a storm in the game markets.

Dragon Land will help you transform into dragons in your collection, explore different lands. Instead of controlling Mario, you will now control the dragon participating in an endless adventure. To destroy enemies and overcome obstacles, you need to jump over their heads. It’s interesting, isn’t it? So let’s learn about this game!

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. New adventure style
  3. How to control
  4. More than 100 challenges and many attractive modes
  5. Dragon collection and upgrades
  6. Graphics
  7. The end
  8. Download

Overview information

Name Dragon Land
Package es.socialpoint.dragonland
Publisher Social Point
Category Adventure
Version 3.2.4 (Latest)
Size 58M
MOD Features Unlimited Coins/Diamonds/Lives
Requires Android 4.0.3

New adventure style

For adventure games, challenges will appear on the adventure paths. And you have to use your skills and powers to eliminate them and continue to search for the secret that awaits you. However, for this game, you just need to jump on top of the monsters that appear on the way to destroy them and continue their adventure.

Also, like Mario, you have to jump from the bottom up to collect items in the top square so that the items from the square.

How to control

Like other 3D titles, you control your dragon via the touch joystick button on the left. In addition, there is a jump button on the right and uses the dragon’s special skills.

More than 100 challenges and many engaging modes

Dragon Land has many different modes, such as campaign, multiplayer, race, etc. In particular, the campaign mode includes over 100 challenges, along with a multitude of different mysteries waiting for you. It’s attractive, isn’t it? Also, the difficulty will increase after every ship you pass. To make the game not too easy and frustrating for players, they have designed multiple levels, arranging from easy to hard so that you can freely show skillful control and skill of dragons.

Apart from this, the game also supports Facebook links so that you can easily play with your friends, the game will automatically sync your friends’ list if they join the game. In addition, Quickplay mode helps you earn and entertain money in the game and use the money to buy essential items or to summon dragons and add them to your collection.

Dragon Collection and Upgrade

The game has a wide variety of dragons ranging from common to super rare. And of course super rare dragons, you have to unlock them by diamonds. Each dragon has a special ability, it can help you in the adventure.

Challenge is becoming more and more difficult, upgrades are inevitable to make challenges easier. But the special thing that makes the game attractive is the change of your dragon pictures, they will develop through upgrades. When you move up to a certain level, your dragon will transform, which will evolve into a stronger dragon than ever before.


Speaking of graphics, Dragon Land has its own sharp and colorful 3D graphics. The game focuses not only on dragons but also on the landscape. You will feel lost in the fairy world with beautiful landscapes.

Not only that, but the game also integrates the facility to change perspective, some adventure you will play horizontally (side-scrolling). This will help make the game more diverse and attractive.


Dragon is the symbol of Social Point Publisher. They were very successful with some games on the subject such as Dragon City and Monster Legends. With over 10 million downloads on Google Play and positive reviews from players, Dragon Land is no less attractive than the above game. If you are ready, then join the cute dragons in the game to take part in mysterious adventures!

Download Dragon Land Mod Apk

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