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If you want to know how an artist wins a race, let’s answer the Climber MOD APK in a “funny but very reassuring” way.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. Introduce about Draw Climber
    1. Unique gameplay
    2. Currency
    3. Upgrade speed
    4. Unlock
    5. Missions
    6. Graphics
    7. Ads
  3. MOD APK version of Draw Climber
    1. MOD Features
  4. Download Draw Climber MOD APK for Android

Overview information

NameDraw Climber
Version1.10.8 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, No Ads
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Introduction about draw climber

Drawing and racing, it seems that these two things have nothing to do with each other. Drawing emphasizes art, relaxation, and to some extent “slow”. Meanwhile, a race that emphasizes speed, discipline, and pressure. However, after playing Draw Climber, you’ll wonder why they combine to create such a unique and interesting game.

The creator of this game, no one else, is Voodoo, a publisher who loves the unique and somewhat “crazy” game. They make games with unlimited creativity and do not follow any rules. However, his game has always been liked by players around the world thanks to the entertainment and simplicity of the gameplay. Anyone can play a voodoo game, whether you are a grown-up or a 5-year-old boy.

Unique gameplay

Draw to run. All of this I can say about the gameplay of the draw climber. The main character of the game, a square block participates in racing with other cubes. According to the laws of friction of physics, due to resistance to friction, it cannot run on flat surfaces. And the solution of this game is to draw the shape of the block so that it can race against other competitors. There is a drawing board at the bottom of your screen, you can draw anything (just with brushstrokes). This will turn into two legs of the square and help it run to the finish line.

You can also try Slap Kings, another fun game.

You can continuously change the draw for cubes, depending on the area of the game. For example, when you face the stairs, draw a right angle, this will help you climb the ladder better. Or when you encounter a deep hole, you can drag a long leg to walk through it. In fact, except that the square leg is too long for the terrain, most strokes will help you move. However, to win the game and finish in the least amount of time, you need a suitable drawing.

The difficulty of the draw climber increases with each level. You will face quite sophisticated opponents. One tip when playing a draw climber, your opponent has the same terrain as you. You can learn the game picture and apply it to overcome obstacles on your track. A bonus level appears after every 5 levels, the level gives you a large amount of gold. Drag a very long leg to take all the gold on the track.


Gold is the only currency in the game. You can use gold to unlock, speed up, and more. You’ll get gold on the track, lucky chest, or while completing the mission. In addition, Draw Climber has a feature that helps you get gold every minute even when you are offline. You should upgrade offline to get more gold every day, then use the amount of gold you get for the upgrade speed.

Upgrade Speed

Although you have a good knowledge of painting and physics, there is no guarantee that if your opponent is too fast, you can win a tough level. Therefore, if you want to catch your opponent in the race then you have to upgrade your speed.


Gold helps unlock unique blocks such as ice cream, houses, fish, or helicopters. The block is divided into three categories Basic, Epic, and Secret. In particular, the Guptas are a special type, you can only own an item related to the Guptas by opening a lucky chest. If you want lots of money to unlock unique blocks, please use our MOD version.


In addition to the level system, Draw Climber also has tasks that help you earn gold. Complete missions to unlock the game’s achievements.


With simple games like Draw Climber, graphics are not very prominent elements. The game’s 3D graphics are designed in a simple style with multiple colors. It helps you relax and have fun moments. In particular, physics is impressive and highly realistic.


Advertising is common in Voodoo games. With a free game, the presence of promotional videos makes sense to increase profits for the campaigners. However, the game contains too many advertisements, which destroys the player’s experience. You can disconnect the device’s Internet, then reopen the game without ads. Or the simpler way, use our MOD version.

MOD APK version of Draw Climber

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money: You will receive 9999 coins after every turn. This amount is comfortable for you to unlock new outfits and upgrade power.
  • No Ads: Modified so that you can play the game without being disturbed by advertisements.
Download draw climber mode APK

Draw Climber is a must-have on any phone. The gameplay is simple, fun, and unique, you can play this game anytime, anywhere. The game can also help increase your child’s creativity and drawing skills, allowing you to teach your child and play together every evening or weekend.

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