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Forget about all the rumors of  Dream League Soccer Mode Unlimited Money, because we actually managed to modify it. There are very few exciting football games in the world.

Football Manager 2020 sounds striking, but it is more about management and paid sports. PES 2020 or FIFA is just a game to show boring skills. And a combination of the two, Dream League Soccer is still a worthy choice in the series of football games, that you can actually earn unlimited money in the game.

This football game was released by First Touch Games in 2016 on the iOS and Android platforms. Once a year, the game will replace the name associated with that year with the original name of Dream League Soccer 2016, then in 2017, 2018, 2020, and now Dream League Soccer, perhaps Dream League Soccer 2020 is coming soon in a few months.

Everyone loves each other. Also, fond of football. They choose to chase the ball and fall in love with the superstar. Dream Soccer Football 2020 is born, which is giving more fun to football enthusiasts when you will experience an entirely new and different style of a football game.

Note: This article may refer to DLS 2020, or DLS. It is an alternate abbreviation of Dream League Soccer that is used by many players.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. Manage Your Team
  3. Easy to control
  4. Graphics and Sound
  5. DLS 2020 FAQ
    1. Can I play DLS 2020 offline?
    2. What is a FIFPro license?
    3. When does First Touch Games release the 2020 version of the game?
    4. Does the DLS 2020 have a MOD?
    5. The 2018 version is very lag, DLS 2020 has fixed it?
  6. Conclude about DLS 2020
  7. Download

Overview information

NameDream League Soccer 2020: March Towards Glory!
PublisherFirst Touch Games
CategoryFootball, Sports
Version6.13 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Manage your team

Dream Football Soccer is a football management game that allows you to create your own dream team as Dream Team FC is a famous player of your choice with a captain. The remaining locations have been chosen randomly by the game, so you can easily change their names, costumes, and icons.

Then, while participating in that game your main activity is available to take your team through 6 levels of play to participate in the tournament Academy Academy, Division 3, Division 2, Division 1, Junior Elite, Division, and Elite Division. The game allows you to play online with other players.

This challenging game consists of matches. You can choose from a variety of camera modes and auto-play options. How to control the players on the screen is quite easy and intuitive. The most interesting part of this game is that it does not require network connectivity other than Dream League Online.

This game has a currency system that you can use to buy new players, items in the game.

Easy to control

This game is control, fun, and challenging. I can easily get used to the features of the game without facing any significant difficulties. I think First Touch Games has invested heavily in this fantastic control system. You will definitely like it.

You will also find basic instructions that are very comprehensive and easy to understand at the beginning of the game. So, don’t worry about anything.

Graphics and Sound

Dream Football Soccer is a relatively compact football game, much smaller than similar sports like FIFA or PES. As a result, the game can work well on various devices from low to medium-high

However, the game still has very good graphics, the player’s image is of relative stature, the player’s movement on the field is smooth and flexible. The soundtrack is very well done, with background music and commentary added to each match. The visuals and animation in particular are a lot more advanced than the older version of 2018.

It is also a FIFA-licensed football game similar to EA’s FIFA series, meaning that it uses the official names and images of international players.

DLS 2020 FAQ

Can I play DLS 2020 offline?

Yes, you can run DLS without a network connection. However, the game also has some features to connect with friends to serve as interactive features, the transfer market.

What is a FIFPro license?

Licensed by the International Federation of Professional Footballers representing over 65,000 professional footballers. The owner of this license, DLS can use the copyrighted image of the players in the game without facing any copyright disputes.

When does First Touch Games release the 2020 version of the game?

Currently, there is no official information on the 2020 version of the game. The 2020 version is constantly being updated.

Is there a MOD in DLS 2020?

Yes, you can download the MOD version of DLS via the link below. The MOD will give you more money in the game, helping you to help the best players for your team. Download or start using Dream League Soccer 2020 MOD for unlimited money. No one can impose restrictions.

2018 version is very sluggish, DLS 2020 has fixed it?

Some interval issues have been fixed. However, we know it fully or not.

Conclusion about DLS 2020

Dream Soccer Soccer is the perfect name in the game of football. I have started this game ever since it was launched 3 years ago and it is a really worthwhile game. I like to build my stadium and gather veterans. Saving money and using it to buy players is a very enjoyable experience in the game. However, there are still some minor limitations that football fans can easily ignore.

If you love the sport, or simply want to become a real football coach then Dream League Soccer will fulfill your aspirations. The game supports both iOS and Android platforms for free on both Google Play and App Store, so you can play anywhere, anytime. Download the game from the link given below.

Download Dream League Soccer 2020: March to Glory! MOD APK

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