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Drift has long been a popular sport. If you are also one of them, but you do not have a real racing car to fulfill your passion, please download the Drift Max City Mod Apk (Free Shopping) and make that dream come true.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. Introduce about Drift Max City
    1. Gameplay
    2. Modes
    3. Maps
    4. Cars
    5. Customize your cars
    6. Graphics
  3. MOD APK version of Drift Max City
    1. MOD feature
  4. Download Drift Max City MOD APK for Android

Overview information

Name Drift Max City
Publisher Tiramisu
Category Racing
Version 2.77 (Latest)
Size 98M
MOD Features Free Shopping
Requires Android 5.0

Introduction about Drift Max City

If you are a player interested in racing, then of course you cannot ignore drift skills. It was born in Japan in the 70s by a man named Kunimitsu Takahashi. Thanks to this technique, he was able to move forward at the turn of the bend (apex) and easily pass the meandering path. Soon after, it became popular not only in Japan but throughout Europe. You have seen, heard, what is the flow. But now you have a chance to find out what exactly it feels like with Drift Max City.


There is no competition from rivals in games such as racing games such as Need for Speed or Asphalt Series, Drift Max City. It focuses more on the skills aspect. Overview during a round, you will drive to the finish line and score points in the process. The word “drive” here means to drift. That is, it is necessary to drift continuously from the beginning until the game is over. Of course, some achievements must be achieved and in particular, the drift point. Quotas will vary for different maps.

I agree with the view that drift is very easy. And in Drift Max City, it’s even easier when you have no other choice. There is no steering wheel. They are replaced by the left, or 2 drift buttons on the right. However, this technique is not easy to maintain for a long time. In addition, the control has three other functions, including accelerator paddles, including accelerating, braking, or going back in case of obstacles. / />


Drift Max City does not have multi-player, world championships or career-like modes as you do not have to compete with anyone. Instead, there are two other options: Traffic and No Traffic. In particular, if you select traffic, obstacles will appear along the way in the race. They are cars, and most of them move in the opposite direction. With the second option, everything is easy and you should choose it to be able to start better.


As its name suggests, the game’s tracks are mostly in the city. Some are built on the ground, others overhead (in an abandoned building). Their length also varies, from 1.5 km to 3.4 km. It also means that the time to complete a level will also vary. If the road is short, you can reach your destination in a short time. However, if you face problems, you do not have many opportunities to fix them.

There are also some changes in the area. Some maps have narrower and more kinked tracks. In addition, if you want to practice to improve your personal skills, you can choose the port area or warehouse.


Of course, it is an integral part of any racing game. Drift Max City is no exception. It offers 14 cars with various models and brands. Each of them has parameters for control, drift, top speed, and acceleration. These parameters are the default, and cannot be upgraded. If you want to increase the control capacity of one vehicle, then the only way to buy another car is.

Customize Your Cars

In the customize feature, you can select detail to make the car more unique. If you like red, repeat them. If you want wheels with a new style or different design, replace them. Optimize the drift in the maximum city not much. It does not include component upgrades or replacements, as it is not necessary for racing games that do not focus on speed.


First I want to talk about the design part. Although not very pickle, I think it is still very quality. The car models are highly realistic, and you can feel it with both first and third-person views. In addition, handling is smooth. However, the bumps are slightly sensitive. Although mild, it can also cause your car to overturn. In addition, the effects are also quite good. Seems, including day and night, until dust and rubber marks were left on the track.

MOD APK version of Drift Max City

MOD feature

Free shopping: The MOD version allows you to shop without limits. Even, you can buy even when the money is negative.

Download Drift Max City MOD APK

Drift City and set the drift record in the shortest time possible. The score and time will be recorded and updated each time new success is found. Are you ready to experience this game?

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