EVE Echoes APK + OBB 1.5.4 Download for Android

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Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. Introduce about EVE Echoes
    1. Story
    2. Explore the vast universe
    3. Discover new lands
    4. Some functions are newly added
    5. The spaceship
    6. Graphics
  3. How to install EVE Echoes APK + OBB
  4. Download EVE Echoes APK for Android

Overview information

Name EVE Echoes
Package com.netease.eve.en
Publisher NetEase Games
Category RPG
Version 1.5.4 (Latest)
Size 2G
MOD Features No
Requires Android 4.1

Introduction about EVE Echoes

If you like fantasy games, then you probably already know EVE Online – the success symbol of CCP Games. Initially, when there was information about the mobile version project for EVE Online, many players were extremely excited. Shortly thereafter, NetEase and CCP released two videos about the gameplay and plot of EVE Echoes. If you are a loyal fan of EVE Online, this is nothing new, but for a new player, you will be overwhelmed by the grandeur and “quality” in the scenes from these two trailers. Will EVE Echos really explode and mark success in a series of space war games?


Recalling EVE Online’s current story, the game is set in the future after thousands of years. At this time, humans have exhausted most of Earth’s resources, making the place barren. People are forced to find another shelter. But, we are not the only living things in this universe. War broke out between humans and other planets in the galaxy. You join a fierce battle with other astronauts to find the owner of the galaxy.

Explore the vast universe

The space is so vast, this is the first thing you can play this game. Now not limited to war clans like other games, the map includes thousands of stars and stars. Controlling a huge spacecraft and moving around exploring the galaxy is a dream of many. Now more than just Earth in the cosmic world, it has become more stirred in the presence of many other planets. The player’s task is to control their ship and land on a planet, find a job or trade, maintain, rest or even set up forces and fight for territory.

Discover new land

This is an ideal option for those who like to explore new things. EVE Echoes have over 5000 star systems and over 2500 random teleport points (with interlinking star systems) that allow players to travel to every corner of the galaxy. With this mobile version, there are several unknown star systems, which are suitable for gamers to set up and explore stations. After converting that planet into their own territory, players can build an economic and political system to manage. Don’t forget to start a commercial business, set up an army, be ready to fight to build an empire when someone looks up to you, and intends to invade the area.

Some functions are newly added

Controlling a spaceship is not easy, especially when you are playing on mobile devices. To make it easier for new players to control the game, NetEase has provided a fairly detailed tutorial system.

An ancient civilization has been added to EVE Echoes, the new faction – Yanjung – to try and increase enthusiasm for all groups. Similar to the name, the representative of this faction is a small and personable Asian girl.

Also, the game adds the capsule outpost feature. Now when explorers explore areas of the universe that no one has ever visited, they don’t have to worry about shelter.


Not only are the spacecraft protected from Eve Online, but the developers have also launched many more models for the spacecraft, which will help users to personalize their beloved ship and make them brighter. NetEase has also pledged that many more new skins will be released in the future, perhaps something to look forward to in the next update.


Based on the fact that EVE Online, now adding a collaboration between the two giants NetEase and CCP, EVE Echoes is using a special graphics tool called NeoX to bring a beautiful graphics space sky to mobile devices is. Majestic spacecraft, planets are large and realistic, making players feel like they are in the midst of the vast universe. / />

How to install EVE Echoes APK + OBB

    1. Download APK and OBB files of EVE Echoes.

    2. Unzip the file “com.netease.eve.en.zip”.
    3. Copy the folder “com.netease.eve.en” to the “Android / OBB” folder.

Install the APK file.

Download EVE Echoes APK for Android

As was noted above, you can fully expect the release of the super game. EVE Echoes is an emotional product, cherished and perfected within three years. However, due to the effect of the COVID19 virus, the game temporarily delayed its official launch until fall. But if you can’t wait anymore, please use the APK version provided by Techymob.com.

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