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Extreme Car Driving Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money) was once one of the best driving simulation games of 2014 for realistic physics. 6 years on, this game is still truly worth experiencing.

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  2. About Extreme Car Driving Simulator
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    3. Supercars
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Overview information

NameExtreme Car Driving Simulator
PublisherAxesInMotion Racing
Version5.2.4 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.1

About Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Do you want to be a true racer? Do you like the image of racing drivers like Toretto Dominic and Brian in the Fast and Furious series? He is a speed enthusiast, daring, has a strong and incredible personality.

So are you ready to break the limits of being a true racer once, who is dancing with a car on the road? Try Extreme Car Driving Simulator, a very famous driving game from publisher AxesInMotion Racing.


You will play as the driver behind the wheel of the car, driving everywhere you can go. In terms of interface, the game has the same driver interface as the bus simulator: Final. The player will have a gas pedal, a brake button on the right and two buttons to adjust the direction. However, instead of working as a bus driver to take passengers on the route, you will be free to do everything you want.

In extreme car driving simulator, speed is not the top priority. You don’t have to drive really fast to win the top 1 race like Ashpotal 8 or Real Racing. Instead, players will have to do everything to show their driving skills.

If you have ever watched the hit series Fast and Furious, especially Tokyo Drift, it is somewhat understandable how drivers show off their skills on the roads. The way of playing is the same, the more you have quiet driving skills, the higher your score will be. Running at high speeds and braking is a good way to get high speed.

Show your skills

Most places where you do your work and practice is on the road, where there are many passersby and vehicles. So how to get a big enough space to help you show your technique independently?

In fact, when playing Extreme Car Driving Simulator, you will be left entirely in a city without people, only you and your car. Without worrying about an accident or being arrested by the police, players can tremble at the speed of light or move from house to house. This has major implications for players. Your performance still retains the street identity and helps you avoid becoming a reluctant criminal.


An essential thing in any driving game is a supercar. Extreme Car Driving Simulator is no exception. While there are not many cars like Asphalt 8, the game still has some excellent supercars, according to my estimation. From brands of famous car companies like Lamborghini, Ferrari to more popular cars. All were added to the game by AxesInMotion Racing. On the other hand, the game also supports multi-view features while driving, ie you can see from inside to outside, top to bottom … With this function, you can watch your car dance on absolutely every road.

Another interesting thing is that you can change the colors of the paint for your cars.

Graphics and Sound

In general, the game has a relatively stable graphics platform compared to racing games. The image is easy to see, quite easy to see, but not on par with the popular racing game Asphalt 9. But to be able to play on mid-range devices, this is a reasonable option. The sound is very lively, you can hear the sound of engine explosions or tires drifting on the road.

Download Extreme car driving simulator MOD APK

was launched for a relatively long time and the game won the hearts of many players. More than 100 million downloads on Google Play are a sufficient number to call this game hotness. So if you too are bored of speed racing, download Extreme Car Driving Simulator to face new challenges when you are a lunatic!

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