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Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. Introduce about Ez Mirror Match 2
    1. Gameplay
    2. Modes
    3. Collect your champions
    4. Upgrade items
    5. Graphics
  3. MOD APK version of Ez Mirror Match 2
    1. MOD feature
  4. Download Ez Mirror Match 2 MOD APK for Android

Overview information

NameEz Mirror Match 2
Version4.7 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Introduction about Easy Mirror Match 2

Aside from Dota, League of Legends is a MOBA game that currently has considerable influence. This game attracts a large number of players and this number is continuously increasing every day. According to Riot Sports data, the final of the 2019 World Championship has reached 44 million viewers globally. What an impressive figure for an e-sports game.

There are a lot of interesting things about champions, battles, and equipment in League of Legends. So it inspired many publishers to create their games on mobile platforms. Easy Mirror Match 2 is one of these games. The game was released by Bulinzadu, a publisher who claims to be a true fan of League of Legends.

It should be added that Ez Mirror Match 2 is not an official game of the riot game. It is a fan-made game for League of Legends lovers and wants to create a fun mobile game. It was very impressive. This is a completely different game, but when you first open the game, it is a copy of League of Legends. And this is only the first factor that helps the game attract millions of players around the world.


If you regularly follow a stream of famous players like Faker, Khan, Caps, Yasuo, then you probably already know a highly interesting game that players make. You and another player make a custom match (Summoner’s Rift), both choosing Dr. Mundo. Everyone bought a pink ward and went straight to the Baron Cave. Like tennis, you and your opponent place Pink Ward like a net. And then, both use cue skills to throw a knife at the opponent’s face until one of them loses. It is a very fun game, which trains the player’s ability to use directional and dodging skills.

Perhaps, As Mirror Match 2 is inspired by the game above. Only one thing, you can use many different generals instead of just using Dr. Mundo. You use direction-targeted skills to attack the opponent on the other side of the river. In the middle of the river, the rift scuttler is always moving. This can block some skills of you or your opponent. You can use the Rift Scooter to avoid some of the opponent’s skills. Finally, if you beat the opponent, you will be the winner.

Control is quite simple. You just need to control your hero to move left or right. When the arrow keys point in the direction you want, select the skill of the hero. Skills are simulated like League of Legends, so the combo is similar. For example, you can add W: Essence Flux and Q: Mizal Shot of Aerial to increase damage. Apart from this, you are also allowed to use some spells like Flash, Barrier, and Heal.


Currently, As Mirror Match 2 has two modes, which include playing against AI and playing against online players. In my opinion, when you are a new player, go through some matches with AI to control the game. It’s not as difficult, but you need a few matches to master it.

The online mode includes ranked games such as League of Legends. After winning a few games, you will be promoted. The ranking is divided according to the old system, with the highest rank being the challenger. If you’re feeling unlucky in League of Legends games, try Easy Mirror Match 2. Apart from this, the game also allows you to create a room with friends. You can invite your friends and try this direction-targeting skill game.

Collect your champion

When playing As Mirror Match 2, you will use the familiar champions of the League of Legends, who have been with the players for years. You can play Yasuo, Agal, Zaya, Timo, LeBlanc, Ahri, Oriana, Jade, and more. New champions are updated every week, giving you the most exciting experiences. Do not miss it!

Upgrade Item

In particular, the items of Ez Mirror Match 2 are very similar to the System League of Legends. Surely, you still remember how to combine items from Static Shiva, Bloodthirster, Gino’s Rageblade, and many other items. The updated items are similar to League of Legends, and you have to learn how to make different champions. After purchasing the best items, upgrade them with Blue Essence. There are many ways to get more items. The easiest way is to buy a Hextech box or a Legendary box.

Of course, this is not a MOBA game. Therefore, a player with high-level items will have several advantages over an opponent. The balance of the game is not guaranteed, so you should have the most powerful tool possible to face all opponents. Therefore, the publisher has developed a mechanism, which is that the level of each item should be lower than the level of the champion.


Easy Mirror Match 2 has relatively good 2D graphics. It is not as realistic as the original game version, but it is enough to make you feel satisfied. In particular, the home interface and match finding interface look similar to League of Legends. Overall, for the graphics, I rate this game at 8/10.

MOD APK version of Easy Mirror Match 2

MOD feature

Unlimited RP / Blue Essence.

Download As Mirror Match 2 MOD APK

League of Legends is a very exciting game. I have been playing since season 3. 6 years later, the game still has many interesting things for me. However, each match of the League of Legends is longer (about 30 to 40 minutes). This is a major drawback for many players as we do not have much free time. Therefore, Easy Mirror Match 2 is a great option whenever you are free. Each match only lasts 1 minute, but in a 1v1 match, if you want to defeat the enemy, you require a lot of skill. I think you can take training from this game before League of Legends: Wild Rift.

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