Download Faceapp Pro MOD APK 2020

FaceApp Pro APK (MOD Unlocked) is the hottest face editing application recently, which helps your young face to snap an older person.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. About FaceApp Pro
    1. What is FaceApp?
    2. How to use FaceApp
    3. Change your age
    4. Change your sex
    5. Many filters
    6. Another feature
  3. Download FaceApp Pro APK (MOD Unlocked) for Android

Overview information

NameFaceApp Pro
CategoryPhotos & Videos
Version3.13.3 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesPro Unlocked
RequiresAndroid 5.0

About FaceApp Pro

If you regularly use social networks, it is not difficult to see images with many wrinkles on the faces of famous actors. Your friends also post similar funny pictures with funny captions. They don’t come from the future, they just edited their selfie photos through the FaceApp app.

Launched by a Chinese company in February 2017, the application became the best photography application globally with lots of users. Although not very prominent in the market after a long time, by the middle of this year, FaceApp has made a strong comeback. Considering the many unique filters and features, this application helps you change your gender, change your age easily with just a few simple steps. / />

What is FaceApp?

FaceApp is a photo editing application that allows you to do something special with your selfie photo. Developed by a research team in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, this application uses neural networks and adjusts the details of your face in the most realistic way. The AI system can help a young man turn a 50-year-old man, a girl with a beard, into a boy.

How to use FaceApp

is very simple to use. First of all, you have to download a selfie from your smartphone phone library or shoot directly from the camera. Before that, you need to allow the application to access the library on your smartphone. Adjust the picture frame on the screen to match your face. Choose any style and let FaceApp complete the rest. Remember that the application needs to connect your device to the Internet.

Change Your Age

With just a few simple steps, you can own a funny selfie photo. Changing your age is different from reality. Most of the users of FaceApp love the old features, which change the face to the old ones. Features in this app Young helps you to make babyface like a child, but it is not so popular because these pictures are not detailed and realistic.

Change Your Gender

One of the very hot features of FaceApp is that it allows you to change the gender of the character in the image. Men to women, women to men… all can be done with just a few simple steps.

Many Filters

FaceApp integrates many unique features and filters for you. The smile feature helps make serious photos fun as your serious face is replaced with a cute smile. Also, you can change two faces of two people, change from men to women and vice versa. After you have a photo of your choice, you can save the picture to the gallery or share it on your social network. Sharing funny photos helps you spend fun moments with friends and relatives.

Another Feature

  • Add tattoos
  • Make a smile
  • Many color filters
  • Beautiful lighting
  • Change background
  • Makeup
  • Create your hairstyle
  • FaceApp AI automatically finds you the right filters and modes.

Download FaceApp Pro APK

With a large number of users, FaceApp is constantly being improved and updated. The publisher tries to refresh to bring you the best experience. An amazing photo editing application for iOS and Android devices and it’s all free. You can pay $ 3.99 per month to use the extended features, or download our Facepack Pro via the link below this article.

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