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Let Play Family Farm Seaside (MOD Unlimited Money) – Fun farm game of publisher century game. This can partly help you realize that beautiful dream while helping you enjoy farming.

Family Farm Ceased is inspired by the popular game Farming Happy on Facebook. With the same gameplay as popular farm games like Hey Day, Farm Ville … The game is one where players can incarnate as a hardworking farmer and create jobs to get lots of money. It can be said that the farm game genre always attracts players in a very specific way and is suitable for all ages. It brings a feeling of relaxation, takes you to a peaceful countryside after a tiring day of work.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. Beautiful landscape
  3. You will be very busy
  4. Complete tasks
  5. Many activities
  6. Play with friends
  7. The end
  8. Download

Overview information

NameFamily Farm Seaside
PublisherCentury Game
Version6.5.100 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Beautiful landscape

From the beginning, Family Farm Beach has fascinated you with its peaceful natural surroundings. You can live and work in a place where there are green trees, fields, forests, rivers, and clear skies. It was like a paradise! In addition, there is a large farm with strange pets and colorful flowers waiting for you.

Also, for the creatures that live in your farm, without the simple sound of the jungle breeze, it would be flawed, all making a wonderful and attractive natural picture. Perhaps this is also one reason why Family Farm Seaside and other farm games always attract a large number of players.

You will be very busy

Coming to  Family Farm Beach, you are really busy working as a real farmer. It is not a difficult game, but players have to take time to care for and develop their fields. Taking care of flowers, raising animals such as dairy cows, pigs,… or harvesting agricultural products. There is a lot to do if you want to grow your farm. You should wait to complete each task such as planting flowers, watering, sowing, harvesting.

After harvesting the produce, you can sell it to the people in the city. There are orders to buy your products every day. Everyone needs safe and nutritious food. Therefore, if you work hard and are careful to make high-quality products, the profit will be huge. After you have the money, you can expand the farm, adding hundreds of new types of agricultural products to diversify the goods. It means you are getting busy. The busyness that makes you love this game even more.

Completed work

When you have a Family Farm Seaside you will not feel bored life. Every morning you get up, dozens of tasks are waiting for you to perform. More than 100 tasks and daily work series are always updated regularly. In addition, there are many achievements with larger tasks. Every act is a milestone in your process of becoming a true farmer.

Many activities

Publisher Century Games knows how to create excitement for players. Your role in the game is extremely diverse, not just a hardworking farmer. You can be a businessman, owner, seller or cook. With the products available, you can try to be a chef to cook absolutely many delicious dishes. Or you can try being a miner to locate new material mines like gold or copper.

You can become a talented architect to build your dream farm. Design and build an excellent farm with huge gardens, huge windmills, and colorful factories… more specifically, you can set up your farm near the beach to bring a poetic and attractive landscape. One thing you should know, coastal fishing is a wonderful experience that you should not miss!

Play with friends

This game has many features and functions, but playing alone is boring and tasteless, isn’t it? Therefore, invite your friends to join you and join Family Farm Seaside to share a little joy in farm work. If you are very busy then your happy and friendly neighbors can help you with your work. In addition, sometimes you can “harvest” some of your neighbors’ products. It wasn’t much, so don’t worry that they are angry.

Specifically, a series of over 40 challenges were developed so that you can compete against others on the leaderboard. It is a small but exciting competition to increase interactivity and connect people. Let’s see who built the largest and most beautiful farm.


Family Farm Seaside has many things to play without getting you bored. Ignoring all the busy lives of modern life, the game makes you feel peaceful and helps you live with your passion for farming. Let us now begin to be a hardworking farmer and build our dream farm.

Download Family Farm Seaside MOD APK

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