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Gameloft Classics: 20 Years is a game that helps you return to your childhood. All hot old java games have been collected in this app. Just download the APK file and install it on your Android device, it will open the game world for you. In particular, everything is completely free.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. Introduce about Gameloft Classics: 20 Years
    1. Acknowledgments from the developer
    2. This application contains most of the popular Java games
    3. Interface
    4. Features
    5. Graphics
  3. Download Gameloft Classics: 20 Years APK for Android

Overview information

NameGameloft Classics: 20 Years
PublisherGameloft SE
Version1.2.5 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Introduction about Gameloft Classics: 20 years

Gameloft Classics: 20 Years was developed in honor of the more than 20 years that they operate in the gaming market. As you know, at first, Gameloft approached people with good and attractive Java games. But then as technology is rapidly evolving, smartphones are more widely used, so they stopped developing Java games instead of games on iOS and Android platforms.

You can find titles that have been on the top sports charts for a long time, such as Asphalt 9: Legends, Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime, N.O.V.A. Inheritance, … It slowly transforms Java games into oblivion. Perhaps, we forget it for a while, because as a child it brings back beautiful memories for you, which will be born at some point. It is for the same reason that Gameloft created Gameloft Classics: 20 Years, would like to welcome players who have missed their old games of the last 20 years.

Acknowledgment From Developer

This application thanks you that Gameloft wants all of you to be with them over the last 20 years. This is why this application will have Java games that build their brands to thank customers. At first glance, it looks like a Java game emulator, but better than a normal emulator, Gameloft Classics: 20 Years in every way. And now we know about the feature which I claim is better than other apps.

This application contains the most popular Java games

Gameloft has combined 30 Java games that make up their brand. You can experience any game completely for free, just choose and experience it. Gameloft has gathered a wide variety of game styles, each with a bit to enrich its game store.

Browse the quiz genre, you can see some titles like Bubble Bash 2, Diamond Rush, Brain Challenge 3. Along with the shooting genre, Gangstar 2, Zombie Infection, and Modern Combat 2 are names that have become classics. For the love genre, you can play Vampire Romance, High School Hook Up. Action arcade has many games like Hero of Sparta, Soul of Darkness. Finally, in terms of games and cards, you can play Platinum Solitaire 3, KO Fighters, Motocross: Trial Extreme … In addition, there are many other interesting games that you should try.


Gameloft Classics: 20 Years has an extremely simple and convenient interface. You just have to choose the game you want to play and press the play button at the bottom to start the experience.


Flexible touch is the first benefit of this application. I have experienced a lot of console games on platforms like Java, NDS, PS1, PS2, PSP, but when I control it, it is not very smooth. But for Gameloft Classics: 20 years, it’s completely different, the buttons are reasonably distributed and have high sensitivity, so I can easily control the character without any hindrance.

Second, when you start the game of your choice, the screen will remain vertical and split into two, just like Nintendo’s handheld. This is quite convenient as you can easily see the control part with the game screen. Instead of letting the screen rotate, some scenes in the game can obscure the buttons and make you not control the character.

Compatibility is the ultimate benefit I want to talk about. Compared to other Java emulators on mobile phones, Gameloft Classics: 20 years is more compatible with games and makes the experience easier. You can play games with frames up to 30 ~ 60 fps. Most Android devices can easily experience Gameloft Classics: 20 Year Games


If you compare the graphics of the game in the application with the original game in Java, it is slightly different. Retaining the classic look of older games, its graphics and visuals have been redesigned and become sharper and clearer to match with smartphones.

Download Gameloft Classics: 20 Years MOD APK

Gameloft Classics: A great app for fans of Java games 20 years old. If one day, you want to re-experience the games related to your childhood, download this application immediately. This is also thanks to Gameloft, which has been with players for the past 20 years.

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