Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyan

The Abhiyan was launched by the central government to help the poor migrants.

This pandemic leads many poor laborers and workers to leave their workplaces and return in their hometowns and when they are in their hometown, they don’t have any employment or source of earning and they have to manage the expenses of their families with their limited savings.

Seeing migrations of workers and laborers in such large numbers, the government of India has taken the initiative by launching the Garib Kalyan Abhiyan. Under this Abhiyan, a stimulus package to assist the economy was announced. Under this program, many structure reforms were included covering agriculture, core sectors, and MSME. Other reliefs that were introduced under this Abhiyan were free food grains for the duration of three months, one-time payment under Jan Dhan, employment under MNNAREGA, and easy loans for migrants under mudra yojana to migrants.

In this series, the package of Rs 50,000 crore was introduced under Garib Kalyan Rojghar yojana.

In this scheme, the nature of works that will be covered is building Aganwadi centers, gram panchayat Bhawan, national highway works, water conservation projects, and railway works.

Benefits of Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyan

  • The scheme aims to provide immediate relief to the families of migrant workers and laborers and creating administrative infrastructure in rural areas.
  • The wide variety of works available under MNNAREGA will ensure that each migrant will get the opportunity to get the work according to their skills.
  • This scheme will ensure the expansion of the development of livelihood over the wider variety in longer terms.


The program was launched with the noble intent but its success will depend on how it will be implemented and how much the migrants get profited by it.

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