Good news for Airtel users, Users will get 5G internet speed asap.


Airtel 5G

After the deployment of this network technology from Ericsson, Airtel’s network will be better than before and users will be provided with improved high-speed data.

Telecom company Bharti Airtel has tied up with Swedish telecom solution provider Ericsson for the 5G network. The Swedish company has tied up with Airtel for a 5G Ready Cloud Packet Core Network deployment in a deal for 5G. Airtel and Ericsson will work together to boost the company’s network up to 5G evolution in India. After network deployment, Airtel’s network will be like vEPG (Virtual Evolved Packet Gateway) just like European Telecom Standard. With this deployment of Ericsson’s network technology, Airtel’s network will be better than before and users will be provided with improved high-speed data.

Chief Technology Officer of Airtel said that India is fast emerging as a data consuming market. We have to adopt new technology to meet the increasing data demand of the users day by day. We are working on innovative technology for better data experience for our users. Ericsson has been our old key-network partner. After this new development, our network packet core data will be improved, due to which the data capacity will increase. This is Edge (EDGE) cloud network ready, due to which the speed of data packets will increase.

Ericsson is providing a Virtual Evolved Packet Gateway solution in European countries, which follows European telecommunications standards. The solution is equipped with edge computing and container management capabilities that provide advanced Internet of Things (IoT) service by optimizing mobile broadband. Let us tell you that Airtel has been providing MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) Network Solutions to its users since 2017. The company first tested it in Bangalore. Later this technology is also being rolled out for other telecom circles. MIMO is also called Pre-5G Network Solution or 4.5G.

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