Gorilla Glass

Gorilla Glass

Gorilla glass is a chemically strengthened glass that is developed and manufactured by Corning.

The alkali-aluminosilicate sheet is used to protect the displays of portable devices such as Smartphone, portable media players, portable computer displays and television screens.

The primary property such as its hardness and high scratch resistance has made possible this protection glass thin, without fragility.

The gorilla glass is made tough by ion exchange method. The initial material is sinked under molten alkaline potassium salt at a temperature of approx. 400 °C (750 °F). Larger potassium ions replace the smaller sodium ions in the salt bath.  The large potassium ion acquire more volume and form a layer of higher residual compressive strength which results in  providing the glass surface increased strength, ability to contain flaws and crack resistance to make it damage proof all the time.

The versions of Gorilla Glass is listed here which are out in the market.

Gorilla Glass 6

Gorilla Glass 6 is designed to endure your drops from higher heights. We can’t stay away from our Smartphone for long time. We have started to use it for making connections, handling business deals and in many other purposes. While we always hold the handset in our hands, the rate of dropping them from hand also increases ultimately. The corning has launched its Gorilla Glass 6, to rescue users from the risk of breaking the display of the dear and expensive Smartphone. The Corning Gorilla Glass has survived 15 consecutive test drops from the range of 1 meter. This new version is two times better than Gorilla Glass 5. When the other contemporary glasses were put on the same test under same conditions, they didn’t survive even a single drop.

Gorilla Glass 5

Corning has introduced Gorilla Glass 5. The new protection glass has raised the bar to new heights while proving itself by surviving 1.6 meter drop test, which is equivalent to a shoulder height of a man. We, while doing our everyday chorus, while snapping photos, texting while walking, watching videos or doing other everyday activities on or below shoulder level, accidently drops our phone then the Gorilla Glass 5 will endure them all. Gorilla glass 5 is so much hard but it still provides optical clarity, damage resistance, touch sensitivity and damage resistance.


Gorilla Glass 3+  

When we buy a Smartphone, we personalize it by using it daily according to our need and we want it to be durable for some years that we can use it for longer time because as we use it, it serves us multiple purposes and it adopts itself according to us. But, we are human, we have the tendency to forget and drop things accidently. To minimize our loss by the accidental dropping of Smartphone, the corning has launched Gorilla Glass 3+. This version of gorilla glass is specially designed to cover the display of entry- level or intermediate Smartphone. The Gorilla Glass 3+ provides drop protection for up to two times more than previous alternative glasses available in the market.

Gorilla Glass 3

Gorilla glass 3 is the most recent development in protecting the display of your expensive Smartphone. Gorilla glass 3 comes with native damage protection feature which offers enhanced scratch resistence, reduced scratch visibility and better retained strength after the scratch occur. It is surely a revolutionary version over other prevalent glass cover present in the market.

Gorilla Glass Dx, Gorilla Glass Dx+

Gorilla Glass DX and Gorilla Glass DX+ is featured with sunlight readability. The covering glass answers the call by adjusting the display readability by 75% enhancements in front surface reflection when compared to standard glass. These improvements in the optical clarity increases battery life.  Gorilla Glass DX tolerates bumps, knocks and scrapes in mobile displays and wearable. Gorilla Glass DX+ delivers exceptional scratch resistance and provides much better resistance to potentially damaging impacts. The Gorilla Glass DX and Gorilla Glass DX+ put on a new light on the technology of mobile displays, having invisible surfaces even in sunlight and more durable than previous versions.

Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass

Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass is a new initiative from the corning towards a health and sanitation. With every tap, swipe and phone call, we came across a millions of bacteria all at once. With the coming of touch screen devise on the mainstream, this problem has been shaping into a big concern. The Antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass is the first EPA- registered Antimicrobial Cover Glass that eliminates the spread of bacteria on the screen surface.

Vibrant Corning Gorilla Glass

Vibrant Corning Gorilla Glass has opened many options for the mobile manufactures in devise designing by including multi-color, high resolution, photo-quality images as the leading cover glass solution. Unlike previous alternate versions, the vibrant corning gorilla offers unmatchable resolution and sharpness.