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Continuing the series of games not played at midnight, today I will introduce you to Grandma: Chapter Two (MOD God Mode) , a very interesting horror game from the publisher ‘DVLoper’. As is clear from the name itself, the game has increased the content of granny. It can be said that Dadi is one of the most successful horror games for mobile devices with millions of downloads on Google Play. The game brings stress and many situations can cause your phone to drop as a result.

Granny’s Part 2 features completely new content, with graphics as well as many improvements to the gameplay. What are the improvements? Come see with through the article below.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. New character, Grandpa
  3. Keep quiet!
  4. Solve puzzles
  5. Control
  6. Options
  7. Graphics
  8. Overview
  9. Download

Overview information

Name Granny: Chapter Two
Package com.dvloper.grannychaptertwo
Publisher DVloper
Category Horror
Version 1.1.5 (Latest)
Size 98M
MOD Features God Mode
Requires Android 4.1

A new character, grandpa

In the first part, Grandma is a crazy, eccentric. She lives alone in a cold, deserted house. Grandmother: In chapter two, she has a friend, a partner named Grandpa. But it is not that grandmother reduced her fear and cruelty.

You woke up in a mysterious house. You don’t know why, why, and how you’ve been brought here. There was no time for that, you realized that something was hunting for you. One! Is not Actually, the two demons are looking for prey. Find a way to escape and escape from this house. You only have five days …

Shut up!

Like her predecessor, the grandmother in the second part is a slow demon but is able to hear everything in the house. You are absolutely calm With a slight noise like a padayatra, grandma can find you. Unlike Grandma, Grandpa did not listen very well. But he has tremendous strength and speed. It can be considered the most feared pair in 2019.

When Grandma finds you, don’t panic and run away. Doing it this way makes the situation worse. Relax under a closet or bed to hide. Shortly after the discovery, Grandma will leave.

Solve the puzzle

To escape from home, you need to find keys, passwords, and many other essential items. You can also turn on the radio to distract Grandma and Grandpa. They will hold steady for a few seconds, which is a valuable time for you to get what you want. Nani: Chapter two has prepared a lot of interesting puzzles, they open up stories and mysteries in this house.

Keys, hammers, and some objects are hidden in many places in the house. They are often hidden in drawers, cupboards, under beds, or behind something. You can locate the basement, drainage pipe. Solving puzzles is the only way to escape and escape from this house.


Grandma’s Control System: Chapter Two is not much different from the first part. A virtual joystick on the left side of the screen for you to control character moves, touch, and change viewing angles. When objects appear, some icons such as hands will appear on the screen. You can touch it to interact with objects. In addition, in the top left of the screen, you have a humanoid icon to control the character standing, sitting, and lying.


Grandma: Chapter Two gives you a practice mode, in which you can easily locate Grandma without having to face her home. Three modes Easy, Normal, and Hard are enough to challenge your bravery and ingenuity. The higher the difficulty level, the faster and smarter the Granny and Grappa are. Alternatively, you can select either Granny and Grandpa.

If you feel the challenges of the game too hard, use our Grandma: Chapter Two (MOD God Mode). In the MOD version, Grandma and Grandpa do not attack you, you can freely explore the mysterious house and solve the puzzle of this game.


Despite having sharp 3D graphics, Grandma: Chapter Two still has some classic games such as the Pixel game. It combines the horror and dramatic nature of the game. From the protagonist’s point of view, you can clearly feel the fear and tension in each of his breaths. Grandma’s house is tense, tense is an old wooden house in the forest, the floor makes noise in the footsteps of every hero. You can customize the graphic quality according to the device configuration used.

Sound also deserves praise. There is some music in old horror films. Every time Grandma and Grandpa appear, the scream and visual effects can haunt you.


After the success of the first part, Grandma: Chapter Two brings you a whole new story. You should use a highly configurable phone and a headset for the best experience. Do not play this game at night! Neighbors can be awakened by your scream.

Download Grandma: Chapter Two MOD

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