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Great Conqueror: Rome MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a fascinating strategy game from EasyTech Publisher.

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    2. Grow your empire
    3. Simulate history through three modes
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Overview information

NameGreat Conqueror: Rome
Version1.4.16 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

About the great conqueror: Rome

The game emulates one of the most powerful empires in history – the Roman Empire. You will be returned to the past, the most flourishing moment of the Rome Empire. Become a talented commander, helping Rome conquer other countries and expand its territory. In the past, the Ottoman Empire defeated the Rome Empire at the Battle of Constantinople, ending the flourishing era of one of the largest empires in history. You can rewrite the history of Rome in this game.


The game is referenced at a time when Rome is still a small region. At this time, the Roman Empire was still in its early stages and had no strongest army. Meanwhile, neighboring countries are preparing to be armed with powerful forces to prepare for victory. A failed history would have to enslave all its resources, and a black history would have to be opened up. As head, you need to create a powerful state. Prepare soldiers, develop the economy, build weapons… Do you want to be a conqueror or a slave?

People often refer to the power of Roman warriors. A strong and fearless army. Many stories were written to honor the warriors of the past. Rome requires the power of all. Gather history’s best, real-life figures like Caesar, Pompeo, Antony, Octavian, and Spartacus. Write on a new history page in The Great Conqueror: Rome.

Grow your empire

Great Winner: Rome is a strategy game for players who love history and military strategy. In this game, you are a commander of the Roman Empire. As an emperor, you are responsible for all the problems of a state such as economy, food, defense, and especially the military. Protect your realm from the invasion of neighboring states, and conquer other countries to merge with your empire.

This game has a turn-based style. You do not need to do anything in war. Everything is pre-arranged and you just need to keep everything running.

Simulate history through three modes

In three ways, including expedition, adventure, and conquest, the great conqueror: Rome takes you on a thrill of history. Historical stories about wars between the Roman empires in the first century BCE will be reproduced in the most honest way. Campaign mode The regime recreates hundreds of battles since its inception until the Roman Empire unites several states in Europe. These are the real battles of history. If you are a history lover, the game is a chance to test your knowledge.

Specifically, you are the direct commander of wars like Spartacus Rebellion, The Conquest of Gaul, Caesar’s Civil War, Antony’s Civil War, Eastern Victory. It is a great honor for any player to be a part of Roman history.

In Conquer mode, you will participate in the battle with the ambition to unify other powerful empires of Europe. The Carthage Empire, the German people, the Gaul tribes are growing strongly. Without a good strategy, the Roman Empire would not be able to resist other empires. Not to mention, Eastern tribes also have very strong soldiers. You have the opportunity to participate in battles such as the Punic War of the Roman Republic, August Victory of the Augustus.

Also, adventure mode is where you participate in endless adventures in European territory. Of course, other states do not do this. When you are going through the land of another empire, you have to fight and win if you want to continue the adventure.

MOD APK Version of Great Winner: Rome

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Medals
Download Great Winner: Rome MOD APK

When I was a boy, I heard many stories about the great battles of the Roman Empire and history. Great Winner: Rome is a great game that can repeat most of those wars. With high-quality graphics, battles are simulated to resemble reality. It helps us to see the rage and price of war. Glory is paid for by blood and tears.

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