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Grimvalor MOD Unlimited Money / Unlocked is an engaging action RPG action game from direlight. With a unique storyline, the game has achieved much success, but it has only been released on iOS. And the good news for Android, the game was officially released on Google Play.

The game takes you on an adventure to find the missing king of the forgotten country of Valoris. Long forgotten in the dark and cold dungeons of Valauri, you realize that you are under attack by a terrible dark army. It forces you to stand up to fight, recover the valleys, and discover the ancient power here.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. The storyline
  3. Deadly adventure
  4. Fight alone
  5. Upgrade your character
  6. Graphics
  7. Conclude
  8. Download

Overview information

Name Grimvalor
Package com.direlight.grimvalor
Publisher Direlight
Category Adventure
Version 1.2.0 (Latest)
Size 673M
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Unlocked
Requires Android 4.4


Situated in the ancient country of the Vallauris, the Grimvalar takes you to a secluded place without shade. You’d be surprised that a vast kingdom that no one rules has more accurately disappeared mysteriously. And you will be more surprised to know that there is a dark power involved in shaking the forgotten country. On an adventure to learn about these mysteries, disaster is quickly thrown at you in a dark dungeon and attacked by an army of demons. These were the guards of King Vallor, who carried forward the evil power that devastated the lives of the Vallauris.

There is no other way, with a great mission to trace the fate of the missing king and restore the kingdom, you must hold the sword firmly and stand to destroy the enemy. A bright future awaits you, with the will and the spirit to fight austerity.

Deadly Adventure

From the beginning, the Grimwiler seeks you in wandering, dungeons, ancient ruins. But this is not an adventurous and hilarious exploration. Demons are filling up all around you. With only one sword as an ally, the only way to survive is to fight to defeat all enemies.

Grimvalor Mod Apk Unlimited Money has a fast-paced hack slash gameplay and a good combination of actions. With a simple control system with buttons for jumping, dodging, and special skills, you can quickly control how to play and discover unique combos. It is important that you become strong if you do not want to die here. Discover secrets in a world full of hidden dangers.

Fight Alone

Fighting in Grimwler, you’ll know what it means to fight alone. You are alone in an adventure in a world full of death and must overcome it. Monsters are not only crowded in number but are also extremely aggressive and reckless. Show them it’s a mistake to look down on you!

With superior skill and iron-based powder, you can sweep every dungeon full of enemies. Also, get to know all the enemies well and destroy them with your temper if despised. Let the demons understand the cost of the subject with the beautiful skills you practiced. In addition, special skills will greatly help you take down a large number of enemies in a flash.

Upgrade your character

After each battle with the enemy, you can collect useful equipment and improve your character skills. Go through battles, you may not realize it, but there is one person who always supports you, he is a businessman. It is here that you strengthen your weapons and upgrade your power. For example, increasing your basic stats as well as buying new weapons.

And of course, your enemies will be stronger day by day. There are no longer only small monsters, but now, a series of huge and powerful bosses appeared. They are a great obstacle for you to free the king of Vallauris and bring peace to this country. However, those obstacles only make your victory sweeter and more spectacular when your source of strength is absolutely advanced. At that time, you become a hero to save the people of Valoris. What a worthy achievement!


With stunning 3D graphics, eye-catching visual effects, and realistic sound, Grimwler takes you into a unique and epic battle. With diverse references and vividly designed monsters, all will bring to you a realistic experience that few sports can.


As a fascinating game combining multiple elements, Grimwiler promises to bring a wealth of new and interesting experiences. Many people think this is a clone of Dark Soul, but I myself and many people know that Grimwler has many unique features that some games can bring. You’ve seen that experience the game and then leave your comment below the article!

Grimvalor Mod Apk Unlimited Money

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