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Grow Castle Mode APK (Unlimited Money) is one of the outstanding games of the tower defense genre. With simple gameplay and fun graphics, it’s hard to deny its presence on your Android device.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. Introduce about Grow Castle
    1. Plot
    2. Gameplay
    3. Units
    4. Graphics and effects are simple
    5. Some other features
  3. MOD APK version of Grow Castle
    1. MOD feature
  4. Download Grow Castle MOD APK for Android

Overview information

Name Grow Castle
Package com.raongames.growcastle
Publisher RAON GAMES
Category Tower Defense
Version 1.31.16 (Latest)
Size 41M
MOD Features Unlimited Coins/Diamonds
Requires Android 4.1

Introduce Grow Castle

Today, tower defense games are extremely popular. They attract a lot of attention from the gaming community and can get you involved. Grow Castle – Become part of this category. It has simple gameplay, developed with two main goals so that entertainment and players’ strategic abilities can be exploited.


There is a beginning about the invasion of hordes of demons in Grow Castle. Your state is the next chosen goal. The destruction will happen soon, but fortunately, you have been warned about this. However, the state’s forces were very weak, so most of the targets were acted upon. Now, the last remaining base is the palace. You will face your enemies one last time and forever.


Like other defense games, your only task is to make sure that your tower is still standing after each wave of attacks from the enemy. On the first wave, everything seemed very simple. The system gives some instructions on adding units and how the game works. Enemies constantly came from the right side of the screen and destroyed everything along the way. You will destroy them until the Wave is finished.

If victorious, the next wave is opened with more enemies. This means that the difficulty is gradually increasing. The longer the defense period, the faster and the power of the demons increases with strength. Therefore, you also need to become strong to adapt. Upgrading the main tower, recruiting new units, and building sub towers are ways you can think of.

Regarding towers, as I mentioned above, there are two types: primary and secondary. The tower is the target you need to protect from enemies. If it is destroyed in a certain time, the game will end immediately, and you will have to play it again from the preceding wave. Some special advantages of the main tower are that it can hold multiple units and possesses many special skills. In addition, they can be upgraded to increase HP and MP. In addition, the supporting tower has only one skill (each has a different skill) and only one place to place units.

On the enemy’s side, they are constantly getting stronger. At a certain time, bosses will appear. They are larger, have more HP, and have awesome destructive power. Make sure your army’s attacks are happening fast enough before the tower can no longer stand it.

However, the boss is not the most terrible thing. The monsters you are facing start to grow quickly. They also build towers and have their own witches. She will continuously use her magic to increase attack speed, defense, or even bring large dragons to the battlefield. This is a warning of the difficulties you will face in the future.


Currently, Grow Castle has 120 units so you can customize your strategy independently. They each have special skills and bring different effects. For example, wizards, they can free enemies, wizards create thunderstorms, while stoners can throw large stones at enemies. In addition, attack distance, damage, and experience points are completely different. Find it in this game!

Graphics and effects are simple

As can be seen, Grow Castle is not only in the gameplay, but also the graphics. The characters have no face, but only shapes. But this does not mean that it is the team design about this game. They focus more on blast effects or magic in attacks. Overall, they are appealing and still find you interesting.

Some other features

If you want a real challenge, join Infinite Mode. Here, the fight lasted for a long time. Apart from this, you can also build your guild and recruit members. Build mining areas, hire mining workers to earn coins. Promote and craft new heroes from the LAB room. You have to do everything to grow and become strong. The real-time ranking will rate each player in the system, and will you have a chance to write your name on it?

MOD APK version of Gro Castle

MOD feature

Unlimited Coins / Diamonds: Apart from strategy, the easiest way is to upgrade towers and archers to protect your stronghold. With the amount of Gro Castle Mode APK version, you can comfortably upgrade without limits. Also, money is not reduced when you use it.

Download Grow Castle Mode APK

Grow Castle is interesting and has lots of entertainment. Furthermore, the game has relatively low capacity, only around 40 MB, and requires an Android 4.1+ operating system, so it is suitable for low-end devices. This ensures a smooth operation so that players can experience the best.

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