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Download Gunstar Heroes Classic MOD Unlocked, No Ads a new version of the legendary Gun Star game released by SEGA.

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Overview information

NameGunstar Heroes Classic
Version4.1.1 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlocked, No Ads
RequiresAndroid 4.4


Gunstar Heroes was originally developed by Treasure in 1993, a team founded by former Konami employees, loyal to fans, and 2D games. After some disappointing game titles last year, SEGA Genesis has been a challenging year for release. However, all this was resolved when the Gunstar Heroes Classic was officially released by the publisher. The game has gradually become one of the classic games in the mobile gaming community. The game currently supports players on both iOS and Android operating systems. Download Gunstar Heroes Classic on your device to enjoy this RPG.


The human world is living in happiness and peace. Suddenly an evil army and forgotten weapon on the moon, led by a dictator with the ambition to invade and destroy Earth. Humans are in danger, only male gutters with excellent fighting talents have the opportunity to stop the conspiracy of evil aliens. Carry your laser gun and sword, participate in the battle to protect human peace. Thousands of enemies and tens of advanced weapons, forts, and demons are waiting for you.

You will like

Like the original, the Gunstar Heroes Classic you have seven levels to fight. You’ll be teleported and confronted by enemies on ancient ruins, skyscrapers, or a large fort. Your main task in the game is to use weapons, stay alive, and destroy all enemies.

The weapon system in Gunstar Heroes Classic is extremely diverse. You offer the game with one of four weapons. There are 14 different weapons that you can assemble on the go. In particular, you can combine two weapons into one special weapon, maximizing your firepower. While playing, I like the combination of Chaser and Lightning Guns, they will shoot almost anything on-screen with almost no action that you have to do. The feeling of making special weapons is really exciting.

In the latest version, Gunstar Heroes Classic has support for the MFI controller. When playing the Gunstar Heroes Classic, I think it is difficult to move, you have to jump and keep the gun running smoothly. It took a while for the controls to get acclimated to the Gunstar Heroes Classic

You can stay connected with your friends online. Complete the game’s mission, collecting countless great titles. In particular, if you are playing poorly, you can completely stop and replay by the Gunstar Heroes Classic, served to save the previous season. This is actually a very useful feature for gamers who like to play anytime.

Mythological Design

Gunstar Heroes Classic brings classic 2D graphics into the familiar. And you will never forget the legendary pixel graphics, even if that is not the trend of current games. The game’s effects are incredibly smooth and simple. However, in my opinion, the strength of the Gunstar Heroes Classic is the attractive gameplay and fast-paced gameplay that will surely bring endless entertainment to the players.

This game has been launched by SEGA on both the App Store and Play Store. If you cannot install it from the store, you can choose to install the APK file via the link below.

Download Gunstar Heroes Classic MOD

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