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The sim game always greets players thanks to its unique stories as well as interesting and innovative gameplay. And Hard Time (Jail Sim) MOD I’m gonna introduce below is one of those games too.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. Introduce about Hard Time (Prison Sim)
    1. Gameplay
    2. Combat system
    3. Characters
  3. Information about the MOD version
    1. MOD features
  4. Overview
  5. Download

Overview information

NameHard Time (Prison Sim)
Version1.431 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesVIP Unlocked
RequiresAndroid 4.0

Introduction about Heavy Time (Jail Sim)

Developed by MDkey, Hard Time (Prison Sim) gives players a wrestling as well as a realistic prison simulation system, which is more robust than previous games.


The player will be free to create a character and survive in a harsh prison environment. Be careful because sometimes even just one word can cause a painful death. Hard Time (Prison Sim) provides players with a large atmosphere of up to 12 areas with full furniture as well as interacting with spectators and more than 100 different prisoners. The game not only revolves around life in prison, but it also expands life outside the prison with many free-living residents. In particular, there are inspectors who implement a wide variety of laws to prevent someone from doing something wrong.

Each prison area will have a separate group rule. The player’s task is to defeat the gangs and become the head of the prison. What can you fight, divert the attention of prison guards, and climb inside the prison to become “rulers”?

Combat System

If you follow Mike’s games, you’ll do that most of them are designed with a wrestling system with multiple Archons. Of course, players can also adapt their skills to their ideas so that they can overcome tough challenges. These, in turn, are rated by hard time (jail sim) gamers as more realistic than any AAA game. And it gives players a sense of the most realistic battle.

To win quickly in battle, you need to choose skills and coordinate them in a new style. Personal control techniques are necessary along with improving the overall performance of the character. Practice increasing your agility, strength, intelligence, and rewards. Additionally, you can also do some other tasks to make more money. Character control is simple enough to use the same skill by touching the button on the screen:

  • G = Grape / Throw.
  • T = Warp
  • A = attack
  • R = run.
  • P = Pick / Drop.

There are also some small suggestions for controlling players to make strong attacks (combos). For example, A and R are combined to launch an opponent attack. Or mix R and P at the same time to burn items and throw them at the opponent. Also, if you are incomplete a game, but you cannot continue the game, you can touch the clock to pause. If you think the conversation is long, and not important, click to leave them.


Your character is a normal person. Therefore, his morale and health will also decrease, especially after the fight. To control the best situation, you must give your character a rest. However, you are not always allowed to sleep, so you can also do some other things like reading, watching TV to help improve your mental state. Especially if your character does not rest, he will be in a state of incontinence. This indicates a problem because you cannot control it for some time. Therefore, you need to improve the character in many aspects, including:

  • Agility: Helps the ability to move faster. This is a major advantage of generating attacks, leaving the opponent unable to dodge. They are improved by exercising or jogging.
  • Strength: Indicates the amount of damage or damage a character can absorb and minimize damage. You can do better physical activities such as lifting weights or fighting. Although his muscles were not noticeable, his stamina was pushed to a higher level.
  • Intelligence: This index reflects the knowledge he possesses. As more knowledge is available, it recovers and training becomes better and faster. Read books, this is the way to become a wise man.
  • Reputation: This is a situation that helps players to become leaders. Complete more missions to gain your respect, or threaten others.

As you can see, these are quite realistic and it also proves how much MDiki has focused on their product.

Information about the MOD version

MOD Features

VIP Unlocked: If you haven’t paid to unlock the VIP, some of the game’s features and content are locked. Therefore you need VIP unlocked MOD version of APKMODY.


However, inside the prison, you can escape the prisoner’s control to become the ruler of other prisoners. Money is very important in this game and you can earn in many different ways. Then, use it to make life easier, to increase the intimacy of relationships, to maintain your gang, and to bribe the police.

Download Hard Time (Jail Sim) MOD

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