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Download Hero Wars MOD APK Now if you are a fan of RPG. The game was developed by NEXTER, the developer of two very popular titles, Island Experiment and Throne Rush.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. Introducing Hero Wars
    1. Storyline
    2. Gameplay
    3. Build your squad
    4. Upgrade your heroes
    5. Fight epic bosses
    6. Graphics
  3. MOD version of Hero Wars
    1. Information
    2. Install
  4. Overview
  5. Download

Overview information

Name Hero Wars
Package com.nexters.herowars
Category RPG
Version 1.94.8 (Latest)
Size 75M
MOD Features Unlimited Mana, Skill CD
Requires Android 4.2

Introduction to Hero Wars

As you know, Throne Rush is a very popular game on phones and Facebook platforms. This is one of those strategy games that I loved, so much so that I created several Facebook clone accounts to get more soldiers. And so is Hero Wars, a game that has a large number of players on Facebook. In addition, the game receives a lot of positive feedback and is loved by players around the world. If this is your first time hearing about this game, please see some information about Hero Wars and the MOD version of this game.


Hero Wars is set in the dark forces that are attacking the Dominion and seek to destroy humanity. In the age of heroes, people are ready to stand up to fight evil and protect peace from the hands of demons from evil lands. And you are one of those heroes, who will fight to save the world.


The gameplay of  Hero Wars is very simple. You just need to build yourself a strong team and participate in intense battles. Characters automatically move close to the enemy and attack. When the mind bar is full, you can highlight the skill of the character. It’s simple, okay?

If you want to win then you need a proper strategy. Finding the right time to release the characters’ skills is the key to defeating Bigg Boss. Join 5 heroes to form your squad. No hero is perfect, each character has different strengths and weaknesses. Some heroes suffer major damage, some are strong in stamina, some can shield an entire team. The choice and arrangement of the squad make a variety of strategies for you. Apart from this, you also need to upgrade your hero while playing difficult stages.

Build your squad

In Hero Wars, a squad can compete with a maximum of 5 members. Initially, you have the default hero from the system. The character system of Hero Wars is still very rich. But if you want a strong hero, you have to gather through summoning. If you summon a hero, it means that the hero is already in your squad. The resources you collect in battle have a huge impact, so use them appropriately and avoid the trash. It can help you summon heroes on the land of Dominion.

Renew Your Heroes

As an RPG, the Hero Upgrade feature is unavoidable. The difficulty of the dungeon will be increasing, so you’ll have to upgrade the heroes’ strengths to make it easier to cross.

However, if it’s upgrading as usual to increase power, it’s boring. When the hero is advanced, his form is more mature. In particular, the hairstyle, physique, clothing, weapons of the character you upgraded will change as you reach the required level.

Fight Epic Bosses

Apart from the regular story mode, Hero Wars has other modes for you to earn resources and bonuses. With the boss battle mode, you can face powerful monsters and collect a lot of resources to upgrade heroes. Battles are tough, but the rewards are very attractive.


Regarding the graphics of Hero Wars, the design is very unique with the Chubby style. Maybe, you think that heroes should be cool, built using modern technology such as Unity or Unreal Engine. But, this is just 2D graphics. However, the cute design of Nexters Global has attracted a lot of players. If you don’t believe it, then you can experience it for yourself what the developer brings to the player.

MOD version of Hero Wars

Our Hero Wars MOD version gives you an Unlimited Mind and Any Skill CD.


Both the original and MOD versions of Hero Wars can be downloaded and installed in the same way as you would with normal APK files.


Hero Wars is a really fascinating RPG game that you should not ignore. Above is some information about the game and its MOD version. Don’t hesitate, download the game immediately and join Dominion to save humanity!

Download Hero Wars MOD APK

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