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Hills of Steel Mode APK (Unlimited Money) published by Round Zero is an extremely fun tank action game. It is a publisher that produces fun, fun games from images to game content. And it is also their highest-class sport.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. About Hills of Steel
    1. Gameplay
    2. Tank system
    3. Many fun modes
    4. Graphics
  3. MOD APK version of Hills of Steel
    1. MOD Feature
  4. Download Hills of Steel MOD APK for Android

Overview information

Name Hills of Steel
Package com.superplusgames.hosandroid
Publisher Round Zero
Category Action
Version 2.8.0 (Latest)
Size 70M
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requires Android 4.4

About steel hills

With simple gameplay but extremely interesting and engaging like Angry Birds or Hill Climb Racing 2, in this game, you control a tank and must accompany it through many difficulties and challenges. Blow away the enemies before they have a chance for you. Hills of Steel is a free game, but the game still includes purchase packages including coin packs, gems to unlock or upgrade new ones.


The gameplay of Steel Hills is quite simple. You must control your tank forward or backward and enemies as soon as you enter the firing range. It sounds simple but when it rings, it is not at all simplistic because the physics in the game is quite strange, such as Get Over.The physics in the game is very messy, so when your tank is overturned by a small hill or tank with 2 small wheels, you will encounter a lot of fun things. However, it is this that has created the brand of Hills of Steel.

Tank system

Currently, Hills of Steel allows you to use 9 different tanks for battle, including many modern tanks such as Croba, Joker, Titan, Phoenix, Reaper, Barracuda, Telsa, Mammoth, Archana. Each type of tank has its own type of weapons such as the Cobra’s original gun or the Reaper’s Gatling gun. Advanced discharge pillars of advanced weapons such as Telsa or Arachno’s laser guns.

For high mobility and low damage tanks such as Cobra, Joker, and Phoenix, Jigsaw Blade is a good choice. This allows you to deal with constant damage upon contact with the enemy. If you want to play safely and shoot from a distance with a strong fire while using mammoths or titanium, shields and defenses will help you defend. Another popular game is the Reaper’s “Killer” playstyle. You will use the most powerful close-up tank and destroy enemy tanks by “bombing” them.

In addition to tanks, there are “upgrades”, which allow your tank to use special abilities to assist you in a battle, such as bombing, landmines, self-healing, etc … currently, Each tank has 6 different types of upgrades, and you have to choose to upgrade it to suit each type of tank and its purpose.

Many fun modes

In PvP mode, you fight a 1v1 match with a player or AI. Each battle will occur within 60 seconds, if both tanks are not destroyed, the clock will launch “Sudden Death” within 30 seconds. Low blood pressure vehicles will automatically be counted as losers.

Also, you can fight with your friends in 2 vs 2 multiplayer battles. To win this rule, your team needs a good cooperation on the strategy and skills of both players.

Adventure mode, you must kill all enemies in front of you and destroy the powerful boss. In this mode, time is not limited, and you can also revive destroyed tanks with just a few gems.

Classic mode is relatively similar to adventure mode. You destroy many of the AI vehicles and destroy the last boss, fighting each turn until your car is destroyed. The difficulty and yield of this mode will increase with time, so try as much as possible. And in particular, in “boss only” mode, you only need to fight a series of ultimate bosses instead of fighting different types of enemies.


In terms of graphics, Hills of Steel has a 2D graphic style on the horizontal screen of a mobile device. Although the image is not realistic like World of Tanks, the game brings charm with vibrant and friendly graphics. The design and options of the tank are extremely diverse.


MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You will have a lot of money when you open the game.

Download Hills of Steel MOD APK for Android

If you want to play a fun tank game, Hills of Steel is what you’re looking for. With extremely fun graphics and many other fascinating things built into the game, you’ll definitely like it. All these advantages have led to the success of this game and over 10 million downloads on the Google Play store. You can download and install the game through the link below the article. Take part in the battle of tank cars to see the amazing power of war machines in World War II.

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