Download Homescapes Mod Apk Unlimited Stars And Coins 2020

Download Homescapes Mod Apk Unlimited Stars And Coins 2020. There are unlimited stars, and your journey with Mr. Austin will be very easy.

Table of contents

  1. Overview information
  2. Introducing Homescapes
    1. Interesting plot, bringing us back to childhood
    2. New match-3 play style
    3. Not just a puzzle game
    4. Good design
  3. MOD APK version of Homescapes
  4. Download Homescapes MOD APK latest version

Overview information

Name Homescapes
Package com.playrix.homescapes
Publisher Playrix Games
Category Casual
Version 3.8.5 (Latest)
Size 148M
MOD Features Unlimited Stars
Requires Android 4.0.3

Introduction to home entry

If you have ever seen the top list on the Play Store chart, you may have seen Austin’s happy face on Holmes’s icon, as well as the previous version, Gardenshape. Both sports have attracted millions of players from all over the world in recent years.

Why? Like townships anGardenSeeps, the homestead is a simple yet cleverly designed game. I believe Playrix Games explored favorite genres: puzzle-like candy crushes and The Sims-like decorations. And thus a game is designed that combines these two genres, as well as a story.

In other words, Homespeeds has done what other titles didn’t do when creating and always makes players curious as to what will happen next.

Interesting plot, bringing us back to childhood


Sometimes, when we dream of returning to childhood, they are the most memorable dreams. And so is Austin. Austin is a butler, and he lives in several different homes, but the only house he lives with is his parents, besting him. Austin’s childhood home reminded him a lot of good memories and he decided to return to his home after so many years.

After a long journey, Austin was surprised by the interior of the home which had deteriorated severely after a long period of unused use. He remembers that his parents are no longer around and things are getting old: the carpet must be left for a long time, the room was dusted after a long period of unused use, the chair was torn, the stairs broke: Mr. Austin thought of repairing the house to welcome his parents.

New match-3 play style

Match the riddles to unlock new items for Austin’s home.

You’ll play a role as Austin’s partner, helping him solve match-3 puzzles in exchange for gold coins so Austin can buy the necessary items. Your task in the game is simple, just match the items in a vertical or horizontal row so that they disappear, which is set to meet the playing conditions in each level. Typically, cross-screening conditions are to collect or remove some tiles, remove tiles from within the jelly, break cookies, and more.

Each mission is a phase when, when completed, Austin will have the money to repair an item in his childhood home. When connected to four consecutive cells, five consecutive cells or six cells making a right angle will produce special growths that will destroy many of the surrounding objects. The game has 400 missions of over 400 different levels waiting to challenge you.


With the money earned while playing the game, you not only help Austin replace damaged items in the house, but also help him buy new furniture such as fish tanks, armchairs, doorbells … and days At the end of, or while completing the quest, you will receive a bonus to help Austin purchase the items needed for the home. Remember that money is very important in the game of Holmes.

 Not just a puzzle game

Apart from this fascinating puzzle system, HomesAds also has a wonderfully rich world for you. You can see Austin bringing interesting surprises for parents with new items for the family, as well as meeting new characters with their own eccentricities.

The game also has a Facebook-style message line, “Homespace”, showing you what Austin and the other characters are doing. And yes, they also have their own Instagram channel!

Good Design

In terms of design, Homescape is based on a 3D engine with cute, animated graphics. The game is suitable for all players, especially girls and people with a lot of free time. In general, the Home shed is an easy to play and fairly fun game. Get this game and help the Austin homeowner build his childhood home.

Firstly, the house is quite shabby and old but soon you will improve everything.

MOD APK version from Holmes

In the MOD version, you will have unlimited stars. Note that the stars will not be unlimited when they start, but will increase when you use them.

Download Home sports MOD APK

Like, Holmes has many interesting points – a brilliant combination of puzzle games and the construction of houses and the art of storytelling that has brought joy to millions of players. If you want to explore some of Austin’s quirky worlds, now is the time to start.

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