How to Download Thumbnail from YouTube

How to Download Thumbnail from YouTube


Thumbnail: A definition.

A thumbnail is a mini or concise form of a video or image used to show the different varieties of contents on a single page.

Earlier, the word thumbnail is used to describe a miniature of an image or video that was roughly in the size of human thumbnail. Digital thumbnail is used as a reduced sized preview of videos and images that redirect you to the original image when you click over a thumbnail on the home page of a site.

Thumbnail can be of different sizes depending on how we like to use it.

Easiest Way to Download Thumbnails of Videos and Images from YouTube                                             

The easiest way to download a thumbnail for any Youtube video is to copy the URL of that video from the URL bar and then paste it to   first entry bar that appear in the front window of ThumbnailDownload

Youtube thumbnail works in many ways to attract the viewers. Since every view on Youtube is counted, so attracting attention of initial visitors is peak interest of all the Youtubers. The Youtube thumbnails are designed in a way to attract the attention of visitors in seconds. The thumbnail tempts the users to click on the video to watch unrevealed story caged inside the videos.

Thumbnails of a Youtube video works as a movie poster do for a movie. The thumbnails appeal the audience and works as an advertising unit for the Youtube video.

What Is the Advantages of Thumbnails

Thumbnail is a reduced size of an image or video, so this can be used in a website to show multiple contents available in the website on their homepage. If a user sees a lot of variety on first page of a website then there is more chance of staying them longer on your website.

  • User Friendly: if the user is able to see  a lot of thumbnails together on a single page of your website, then it will be easier for him to chose which one is useful for him and he can access that after clicking on the thumbnail that will him redirect him to the original image source.
  • Space Saver: The thumbnail can save a lot of space on your website. You can make your website more productive by using that extra space.
  • interactive Thumbnails make the users engage with the content of the website more easily.


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