Smoking Habits: Is It Really that Bad?

how to quit smoking

By Madhu

Smoking is getting popular in the young generation not because they like it but according to them smoking gives them relax and sooth them from the daily stresses from which they usually go through in their life.

Why Smoking is Bad?

How does it affects the human body?

Human body is a system of organs where each individual unit has its own function to do for the proper functioning of human body. Smoking affects the functioning of all body parts severely. but the destruction starts from the respiratory system and whole body bears the consequences of it later.

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How smoking affects lungs?

The cigarette used for the smoking contains tar, carbon monoxide, oxidizing chemicals, metals and radioactive compounds. These particles inflame and irritate the lungs and can clog the windpipe or other passages from where the smoke travels inside our body. Even a single cigarette can cause irritation and coughing. Smoking destroys your lungs and lung tissues gradually. Smoking results in the clogging of windpipe and blood vesicles that leads to insufficient oxygen supply in the critical parts of the body.

Lungs diseases caused by smoking

  • Chronic bronchitis. a type of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Emphysema.  a type of COPD.
  • Lung cancer.  abnormal growth of cells.
  • Smoking causes the cancer of other types too like cancer of the nose, sinuses, voice box and throat cancer.

Other effects on the body

Smoking reduce the immunity of the body and the body fall prey for many unwelcomed bacteria and viruses. It also leads to hearing loss and slow reaction rate of the body.

Thoughts That Influence the Young Generation for Smoking

  • The young generation is highly influenced by the Indian Hindi cinema and in Hindi cinema, smoking is portrayed as an act which can add moons in their personality. To look like a macho man, they adopt some habits even if they are not good for their growth at all.some of these habits are destructive for them to such extents that they can ruin their life completely. Smoking habits comes on a first position when we rank it on a scale of destruction causing to human body.
  • In this modern era, not only males but the females also,are getting attracted to smoking. Smoking in the modern age has been titledas the act of freeing itself from the traditionality of the Indian subcontinent and it is believed that taking this habit can be the first step of liberating themselves from the stereotypes of the society.
  • Whenever a growing adult sees his/her parents doing the smoking then either he or she develops a hatred for the smoking or becomes a regular smoker like his/her parents. But while acquiring the smoking habit, one should also see how the health of their parents is getting affected by it and if they want to have a bright future and they want to live peacefully, they must be away from these smoking habits.
  • In colleges or while doing a job, youngsters usually adapt the habit of smoking because their colleagues compelled them to smoke. it is a common trend in the modern days to adapt the acts and habits of popular personnel.
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Sources of smoking

Generally, in India for smoking there are two sources available, first is cigarette and the other is bidi, which is a traditional form of cigarette used primarily in the rural and now in urban sections of India too.

How to quit?

If a person wants to quit the smoking habit, he or she can take this decision anytime. Various NGOs and government regulated body are there to help him in his determination. He or she can seek free medical advice or can get a counselling which can help him to avoid the habit completely.

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