Huawei Reportedly Selling 100,000 Mate X Foldable Smartphone A Month Even In More Expensive Prices Than Its Rival Samsung.

Recently. The Huawei mate X got available for sale in china in the middle of the November month, 2019.

The Huawei, the biggest seller of the handsets and the Chinese telecom, together collaboratively is selling over 100,000 units of their foldable Smartphone mate X Smartphone in china per month, reported by the media.

The Mate X was opened up for the buyers in china market in the middle of November 2019 but the Samsung Galaxy Fold, became available in South Korea in the month of September, last year.
Now, two months have already passed since the Huawei Mate X is on sale and this indicates that the Huawei brand has sold so far 2,00,000 units of the foldable phones. While assessing the performance, it was not all bad performance because it was launched in just a single market.

The Mate X was released only in the Chinese market and it earned around CNY 16,999, which is roughly around Rs 1,70.000/- or $2,400.considering this data, we can say that it got sold out being more expensive than Samsung’s Galaxy Fold.

Huawei and Samsung are the two brands which are fighting to each other to get the victory over the other since 2019.

The Huawei has pushed the launch of its foldable phone till the November to observe some refines and changes in the existing model, its rival Samsung has also delayed the launch of its foldable Galaxy fold following screen and other related issues.

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