Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day

Every year, Human Right Day is celebrated on 10th of December. Today is the 70th anniversary of the Human Rights Day. This day is celebrated as a tribute to a memory when united nations general assembly adopted the universal declaration of human rights in 1948.

The event of adoption of universal declaration of human rights is the act of empowerment for every human being. The principles propelled in the declaration of human rights are as relevant in today’s life as they were in 1948, in the year of its adoption. The human rights are given in the constitution of the democratic country in order to ensure the personal and public needs and interest of every human being.

This day is celebrated to remind us all that the human rights are necessary for all human being for the proper propagation of the democratic values in the society. It reminds us to keep adhere on the basic human rights offered in the constitution and in case you think that they are violated, you need to demand it form your respected elected government.

In 1948, in the month of December, UNESCO became the first united nations agency to uphold the universal declaration at the core of all its actions and planning and promoted it across the globe in form of media and education.

Human rights when started to enter in the lives of human beings, then its value was identified by the people in the true sense. To bring human rights in the centre of UNESCO’s mission in all its parametric competencies like science, education, culture and communication is the prime mission of the organisation. On this Human Rights Day, a spirit of humanity and brotherhood is propagated in the sense to make people aware of their fair execution and implementation of the human rights in their personal or public space.

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