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Until now, dragons are considered one of the most successful fictional images of humanity. Despite the cultural difference, it is still considered one of the most powerful and powerful creatures in the world, and also one of the largest contributors to the history of culture. In the past, when people did not know much about nature and the animal world, they thought dragons were real. But later, it was just an image used for entertainment.

Flying dragon action game

Ubisoft has also previously released a game that reproduces images of dragons. They use dragon images in Western culture, bearing on a hegemonic character and expressing an absolute authority. So far, it has reached over 5 million downloads and continues to grow. Hungry Dragon has received the love of many players. The novel theme and compelling gameplay are the main factors that make it so appealing.

Another major feature that makes the game more popular is that it has a highly successful image design. The first to use fully 3D graphics to create everything is about it. The main character here is the dragon which is created with unique and creative images. Get ideas from famous products like Dragon Mania, or Dragon City, or today’s favorite simulation games like Dragon Land, Hungry Dragon brings endless variety to Dragon images. According to the overall assessment, it is like an icon that affects the breath of the era, not just the images depicted in history books. You must have seen many dragon species that have not been described before. And, apparently, they are named after the author’s will.

Burn and eat

If you’ve seen Hungry Shark World before, it’s sure to know how to play the game in almost the same way. This means that you will control a dragon and allow it to fly around on a map. Its function is to eat as much as possible and become strong in that map. The iconic image of the European dragon used in this game allows you to control the most powerful creature and destroy everything freely.

Of course, the dragon species in this game are incredibly diverse, so after several stages of play, you can unlock a variety of special powers. The first is about sorting; They are divided by their size from XS to XL, … I think it’s possible that “Hungry Dragon” gives players at least 20 dragons to unlock and play. If you notice that, this is a bit wrong because apart from being divided by size, there are variations in each species. Each dragon has about 4 to 5 types of changes that give them different strengths and different forms. In addition to the big dragon you control to perform destructive acts and show power, there are three small dragons that are flying around. They will carry boosts that allow your dragon to become stronger. All dragons have a powerful ability called Fire Rush, which can burn everything. It takes a while to accumulate; It will gradually grow based on what your dragon can eat.

Download Hungry Dragon Mod Apk
  • Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment
  •  Version:2.10 b432
  •  Category: Arcade
  •  Size:138M
  •  Update: Yesterday
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